Thursday, April 5, 2012

Preparing for Easter (Free Printable!)

We're so ready for Easter!

My etsy shop has been buzzing with activity the past few weeks-- tons of stationary orders & Easter Buckets! I'm happy to say that all of the Easter buckets this season have been shipped, they have arrived at their new homes & the Easter bunny will fill them with treats this Sunday. 

Here's a pic of the last batch that went out the door last Thurs!

Liam's been dressing for Easter the whole month of March-- I love to make him appliqued holiday shirts, but I always seem to wait until the last minute so he doesn't get to wear them for long! (And since his name is usually on them, I can't pass them down to Jack. I need to find someone who has a boy named Liam who's a year younger and give them a great deal on all of these cute shirts.) He actually got a chance to wear his Easter shirt to school several times!

We've been having such a hard time finding pants to fit him lately-- he needs an 18 month in the length in a 9 month in the waist. So, when I made his Easter shirt I decided to making him matching pants & I'm so glad I did-- they were easy to do & they fit him better than any others we own. I'll definitely make him some seersucker pants and some cotton gingham shorts for the summer.

I REALLY wanted to make Jack a matching outfit, but a piece of my sewing software broke and it will take a few weeks (& a chunk of cash) to fix. Next year, buddy. Just want to get it back soon so that I can start on some summer shirts for both of them.

Liam's precious little preppy school offered pictures with live bunnies for Easter and we took advantage of it & had both boys' pics taken in their matching smocked bunny jon jons. 

So sweet-- I can't wait for next year when they're both sitting up, chasing that bunny!

Since Liam's school is closed for Good Friday, I sent a few Easter treats to school with him today:

Inspired by some similar treat bag toppers I'd seen on Pinterest, I made this little fold-over tag in Photoshop. It has the same design on both sides and just needs to be printed, cut and folded in half. I used cellophane treat bags that were about 5" wide-- the same bags that I send out all of my paper etsy orders in. (I get them at Hobby Lobby.) The bags are filled with three powdered sugar donut holes. Easy-peasy.Perfect little treat for daycare, Sunday School, or even from the Easter Bunny. If anyone wants to use these bag toppers, just click below to download the PDF!

Liam had a nasty virus last week & we had the boys' checkups this week, so I'll give a recap on that soon as well as pics from Easter-- Liam's 2nd & Jack's 1st! We're celebrating with all of my family (about 35-40 adults and kids) at my parents house. Yummy food, impeccably dressed little belles and beaus, an Easter Egg Hunt & lots of fun family time. Can't wait.

Hope you all are well! Happy Easter!