Four Eyes

After noticing that he was squinting at the tv, we took Liam to a Pediatric Ophthalmologist at 28 months old. His examination revealed that he's nearsighted & also has astigmatism in both eyes.  Diagnosis: He needed glasses.

I was so nervous driving to that appointment. Although I suspected that he may need glasses, I had a yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach about being told that Liam's vision was less-than-perfect.  It wasn't a shock-- I'm farsighted with astigmatism in my left eye & Rob had Lasik ten years ago to correct his nearsightedness. These problems are hereditary, so there was a good chance that one (or both) of our boys might inherit our bad eyesight.

Leaving that office, on one hand I felt pleased that we had caught this problem so early-- I want him to be able to see clearly! On the other hand, though, I just felt so sad that he needed glasses, especially so young. I worried that when people looked at him, they'd only see his glasses-- not my amazing boy.

Trying glasses on him, I quickly realized that frames that tried to hide the fact that he was wearing glasses didn't look best on him. Heavy frames that drew attention to his big beautiful hazel eyes were a perfect fit. We really wanted a black plastic square frame, but opted for a heavy dark brown oval pair-- while the options are endless for kids, the "cool" frames for toddlers and babies are pretty limited. One thing was for sure, we weren't getting anything with a head strap. 

Now that I see them on him, I think that they totally suit him.

I dropped the frames off to get his lenses put in last week and should get them back next week. I'll update this page once we get them back and he starts wearing them.

-Feb 4, 2013

I wanted to share an amazing website that has really answered a lot of questions for me-- If you've just found out that your baby or toddler needs glasses or a patch, be sure to check out Little Four Eyes

It's full of amazing resources-- advice from other parents, links to eye gear, book recommendations and a photo gallery of kids in glasses and patches (look for Liam!).