Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here goes...

Big changes are (hopefully) in store for the Blakelys...

A month ago when I created this blog, I thought it would be quite some time before it got any use.. and while it still might be a while, I have a feeling that it will be coming sooner than I thought.

They say that the first year of marriage is the hardest and we believe it! 2008 was a crazy year for us: We got engaged, moved to Birmingham, each got a new job, bought 2 new cars, got married and bought a house. We couldn't have packed more life-changing events into such a short period of time, and that was a big source of stress. But the wedding is over and we're left with amazing memories of a perfect day. The stress of purchasing a house is done and we're loving our new "home." And each week of our marriage seems to bring a new understanding of each other, better communication, and a greater excitement about our future.

I recently stumbled upon a great opportunity in my career. As I went through the process of learning about the job and eventually receiving an offer, Rob and I talked a lot about the future and what our plans entail. When it came down to it, I declined the job, telling them that I didn't think it would be fair to accept the position because we want to start our family in the near future. Their response was that they wanted me to join their team regardless of our plans to have a baby. I can work full time now and when the time comes, work from home or work part-time. Music to my ears. This is the type of position I've dreamed of... I happily accepted and I start mid-April.

Things are falling into place, just as we had hoped. We've had many conversations over the past few weeks that have all resulted in the same decision: We're ready to have a baby. We've spoken to my ob/gyn about the next steps, we've stocked up on books, I've cut out caffeine (a big step for me!), I'm exercising regularly, I've stopped all medication that could be harmful, I'm taking pre-natal vitamins, and of course, the big thing is that we're no longer on birth control.

So, next month, the waiting game begins... Rob has sweetly reminded me not to stress-- that this part is supposed to be fun! His relaxed demeanor is one of Rob's best qualities-- a sharp contrast to my constant anxiety. I'm sure I will worry more than he will, but I believe that this is just part of being a woman who wants to be a mother. Rob will be 40 in two weeks and I'd love to give him a baby before his next birthday, but nature will take its course, and when the timing is right, we'll be blessed with a little one of our own. We're already day-dreaming of what we'll name him or her...

When there's news, I'll post again-- Wish us luck as we start this new adventure!

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