Saturday, March 13, 2010

Great News!

We received a phone call on Thursday from our genetic counselor-- everything looks great! We knew that the measurements looked good at the NT Scan, but we were thrilled to get the results of the bloodwork back. This suggests that our baby has a less than 2% chance of chromosome abnormalities such as Down Syndrome. I'll have one more round of bloodwork at 16 weeks.

Hopefully our nurse next round will be as funny as the one we had this week. While we were waiting for her, Rob was sitting on her stool, pretending to be the doctor. As she walked in, he was saying, "During your pregnancy, Mrs. Blakely, you can expect to experience--." She started laughing and I said, "Don't mind him-- he's just playing doctor." She looked at him and said, "I'll bet that's what got you here in the first place." HA!!

We're listening to the heartbeat every night before bed and as Baby Blakely grows, the heartbeat is easier to find & seems to get louder each day. Last night it sounded like a train was coming!

Sometimes, during the day when I get caught up with work, I forget that Baby Blakely is even in there. I love taking a few minutes together each night to remind ourselves that this is actually happening.


  1. Oh, that is so sweet. And yay! on Baby Blakely passing (his?) first tests with flying colors. Such a smarty already :)

    I never thought of getting a doppler, but it sounds like a wonderful thing to have. I'll do it for my next, no doubt anxiety ridden pregnancy.

  2. I'm a constant worrier, so it was $60 well spent!!

  3. Yay for Baby Blakely doing so well on his first round of tests! I hope the second round goes just as smoothly. :)

  4. Great news for the test. Ours was fine too, but I didn't get the numbers form her yet as it was just a messgae on my phone saying that things were 'normal'.

    I am in two minds about a doppler, I am just so worried that it will worry me more if I can't find a beat one night. I will probably ummm and ahh about it for so long that I'll feel the baby kicking before I have decided anyway!

  5. I love the video!! I have played a few for DH...trying to convince him that a doppler is a must!!!