Tuesday, April 27, 2010

20 Weeks: Halfway There!

20 Weeks-- so hard to believe!

I think that I'm finally starting to experience the "glow" of the second trimester. I still stay pretty tired-- but that seems to be related to my job more than the pregnancy itself, and unfortunately, I don't think that's going to change until the day I deliver this baby!

(More to say about my job situation, but that's another post.)

This week, baby is the size of a Red Bull:
And looks like this:

Baking Baby Blakely

"Your baby has established sleep patterns akin to a newborn now. Many babies even have a favorite sleep position already. Some snooze with their chins resting on their chests, while others nap with their head flung back. Many babies at this age fall into noticeable cycles of sleep and activity, so you may know before she arrives whether you have a night owl or an early bird.

If your baby is a boy, the testes have begun descending from the pelvis into the scrotum. If it's a girl, her uterus is completely formed and the rest of her "parts" are in development. (Is that TMI?)

From this point forward, your baby will put most of her energy into gaining weight and, not coincidentally, so will you! Right now your baby weighs approximately 10½ ounces and is about 6½ inches long, about the size of a can of Red Bull (which has way too much caffeine for a pregnant woman to be drinking)."

Additional Updates:

Food Aversions: Not much! Although, after Rob and I saw the Bodies exhibit in Atlanta this weekend, I'm having a little trouble eating chicken this week. Blah.

Still Chinese Food, aka anything with soy sauce. Also, still loving any kind of fresh fruit: fruit smoothies (peaches, strawberries, mango, papaya), watermelon & grapes. Oh, and ice cream...always ice cream.

Not yet-- I've felt a few flutters (I think) but every time I think I feel something, it doesn't happen again, so I'm never able to confirm! When we had our ultrasound two weeks ago, the doctor said that my placenta is in the front of my uterus, so it's acting like a cushion between the baby and my tummy-- this can make it more difficult to feel kicks. Doc said I'd probably start feeling something by 20 weeks, but as of today, nothing.

Nesting: We've registered and purchased a lot of stuff in the past few weeks. Will post soon about our purchases and the plan for the nursery! I'm finally feeling like there are things that we really need to get done!

Down 6 lbs pre-pregnancy weight again. Hallelujah. Last appointment, my doc said I seem to be fluctuating around the same weight-- up a pound at one appointment, down a pound at the next. I keep bracing myself for the weight gain because I know it's coming but I'm really happy with where I am right now. I am confident that any weight I gain in the second half of my pregnancy will be reasonable. Today, I signed up for a prenatal aquatics class at the hospital where I'll deliver. I love to swim and I really need the exercise. Plus, I'm hopeful that maybe there will be some cool pregnant ladies in my class. It would be great to make friends with someone due around my same time-- maybe we could work on getting in shape together in the fall.

The 20 Week Belly Pic!

20 weeks down, 20 more to go!


  1. You look so great! I love the idea of taking a prenatal aquatics class. It sounds fun. I hope it gives you a chance to meet lots of other soon-to-be moms.

  2. Aw love the bump picture! Congrats on 20 weeks - that's awesome. I hope you get to feel kicks soon and KNOW they are kicks. :)

  3. You look great!!!! Woo hoo-20 weeks!

  4. HALFWAY THERE!!! Yay, mama!

    You will feel those kicks soon. And in a few short weeks, they'll surprise you with how hard they are. So awesome.

  5. You look amazing, congrats on the halfway point!! So exciting!!!

  6. You look great! Congrats on 20 weeks!

  7. I can't believe how far along you are. It feels like just yesterday that we first found each other's blogs. I'm so excited for you!

  8. Pretty mama! Must feel so good to make the half way mark! How was the bodies exhibit? I don't know if I could do it!

  9. Looking great for a half baked mama!!!

  10. You look fantastic! I cannot believe you are already half way through... I guess I am behind in reading your blog :) So where did you register??