Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Piece of Cake

I'm working on a post about Christmas Day (which I accidently posted earlier tonight, then promptly returned to draft mode when I realized it!) so that you can see some pics of how spoiled Liam was (well, we all were!) on his first Christmas.

Under the tree this year, I found this book:

Along with this adorable addition:

I couldn't wait to try it but really needed an occasion to go through the trouble of gathering the ingredients and putting these together. Then, a friend called and invited us to a cookie swap tomorrow night. Perfect!

I opted for the no bake (easy!) recipe which consists of a package of crushed oreos and a package of cream cheese. After mixing them together and chilling them, I used the cupcake mold to shape the dough into tiny cupcakes, chilled again, then dipped the bottoms in melted chocolate and inserted the lollipop sticks. I turned them upside down in an egg carton to let the chocolate harden.

Then, I dipped the top in pink candy melts, and decorated with an m&m and sprinkles. I stuck the sticks in styrofoam so that they could harden.

I made Rob my official taste-tester. Rich. Moist. Delicious!!

Then, I packaged them up for the party tomorrow night. (Really, what doesn't look cuter with a green grosgrain ribbon tied to it?)

I'm thrilled with how these turned out and just had to share. I can't wait to experiment with other cute creations from the book and make more of these cupcake pops! (These will be so perfect at my cousin's baby shower in a few months & I've got a while to perfect my technique before then.) If you ever need a cute treat, give these a shot. They were fun & so easy!

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