Saturday, April 23, 2011

Letters to Liam, 7 months

My Little Liam,

Another month has passed—I can’t believe how quickly the time goes. Each day you are one step further away from being a baby and one step closer to becoming a toddler.

You are sitting on your own! It’s funny—I thought that you couldn’t do it and I was surprised because you’ve hit all of your other milestones so early. Then, I realized that we just weren’t giving you the time to practice. Everyone loves you so much that they constantly want to hold you & the hardwood floors in our house don’t give you a comfy place to play. Once we put you down and let you practice, you caught on right away. You’re spending more time sitting up by yourself now and you love playing with your cars and your racetrack.

You have 3 teeth now & I can see the 4th starting to peek through. You got your bottom central incisors about a month ago & your top right central incisor just broke through a few days ago. It looks like the left one won’t be too far behind. You’ve been such a trooper about teething—you love chewing on cold teething rings, Sophie, and your banana toy. You’ve only had a few bad days, and a dose of Tylenol seems to make you feel better.

You’re still sleeping great (11-12 hours/night), eating everything in sight (sweet potatoes seem to be your favorites) and are drinking your bottles like a big boy (You hold them yourself now.) We’ve started giving you some water each day and have started to work on teaching you to use a sippy cup.

This week, we signed you up for “school” next year. You’ll go on Wed & Fri from 10am-2pm starting in September. It’s a Mother’s Day Out program, and while I know it’ll be hard to let you go, I think it will be so good for you to interact with other kids. You’re a little shy & sensitive (you often cry when other babies get too close to you) and I think that letting you experience some time away from Mommy & Daddy (and Marmi & Poppy) is probably going to help that. No doubt, I’ll be a nervous wreck the first few weeks.

You and Daddy have developed a fun routine together—Every day when he gets home from work, he scoops you up and takes you out on a “Touching Walk.” You pick flowers, pull leaves off of trees and touch branches. Sometimes you bring things home for me. The biggest challenge is making sure you don’t eat your treasures. You love this special time with Daddy—your face lights up when you see him. He loves it too and looks forward to it all day.

Your first Easter is this weekend! I have your Easter basket & I can’t wait to see what the Easter Bunny brings you! On Sunday, we’ll go over to Uncle Art & Aunt Carie’s house for lunch and your first Easter Egg Hunt. (You’ll have to share any candy you find with us, but there will be other treats just for you.) You have a special smocked Easter bubble to wear, along with new white sandals. You’re going to look so cute!

Every day I love you more and more, my sweet boy. After 7 months, I still look at you and can’t believe that you’re my son. I am so lucky to be your mommy.

I love you, bunny.


  1. So very sweet!!! You must show pics of Liam in his Easter outfit.

    Hope you are feeling well and aren't too-too zonkered. xoxo

  2. He's so handsome! The 'touching walk' is an excellent idea. So sweet!

  3. love the daddy touch walks idea! blaine goes on a daddy walk every night before bed and it is sooo cute to watch. happy 7 months!!! :)

  4. he's getting so big! sweet letter :-)