Saturday, October 29, 2011


I've made a deal with Jack-- if he will bake until the end of the week, I promise to have everything done that HAS to be done by next weekend. I think he's agreed. I'm certain that whenever he arrives, there will be things that I didn't get to-- but this is the week to finish up those vital tasks, like getting Liam settled into his new room (he'll move next weekend, after all of the cleaning is done), making sure my mom has a clean bed to sleep in for the first few days we're home from the hospital, freezing a few meals and installing the car seat.

I have been doing things over the past few weeks, but between dealing with the 4th week of Liam's ear infection (and 3rd antibiotic) and my string of illnesses, it hasn't been as much as I would like. I wrote out instructions for Liam's schedule while we're in the hospital. My dad and I installed a new closet system in our front closet. I cleaned out our old bedroom closet (soon to be Liam's) & moved the clothes I want to keep to the new one, while filling a large box with stuff I don't. I packed away all of my summer maternity clothes (which will go in storage for now). I hired a cleaning lady who will come every other week. (I have lots of strengths as an individual-- housekeeping is not one of them.) I picked up the twin mattress and trundle mattress for Liam's new bed. I ordered several of Liam's Christmas gifts & Jack's baby book. I have enough newborn diapers to last us at least 6 weeks.

But, in addition to the tasks above, there's certainly still more to do! I need to wash and stock the drawers with all of our NB clothes. I need to figure out the car seat adapter for our Baby Jogger City Mini Double. I need to pack Liam's bag and my own. I need to track down all of my nursing bras, pump parts, pillows, etc. I need to pick a birth announcement & choose what we'll all wear for our newborn photo shoot.

Then, there are a few things that I really want to do (which I'm sure are the things that won't get done). I want to fill in some of the blanks in Liam's baby book & add some pictures. I want to applique him a Thanksgiving & Christmas shirt. I want to finish my Christmas shopping-- which will likely be 100% online this year. (Although my Amazon Mom Prime Benefits run out next week. BOO.) I'd like to finish & install the upholstered headboard for our bedroom that my awesome (and handy!!) dad has worked so hard on for me. But these are the things that are last on the list... the things that, if Jack is kind enough to stay put until his due date, we just might get finished.

My 37 week appointment was Friday and everything is looking good. I had my weekly NST, (Yes, those are stretchmarks, courtesy of Liam.)

where Jack concerned everyone (as he does each time) with his laziness:

Then woke up to play after being buzzed through my tummy.

When the doc came in to check on us the 2nd time, he said that everything looked beautiful. He also said that he'd prefer that I did not go past my due date (I mentioned that I was induced with Liam a week past my due date). We didn't explore that any further and I hope that we don't have to!!

I'm 1 cm dilated and the doctor's guess was that he'll stay put for a while-- but you never know. (If he attempts to come in the next 7 days, I'll just remind him about our deal.)