Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Keeping the Romance Alive...

(The card I gave Rob for Valentine's Day)

Happy Valentine's Day! 

We had a delicious dinner out while my parents watched the boys tonight-- a much needed time to reconnect. We gave presents: Rob got a massage, I got roses and a gift card, Liam got a singing Elmo and Jack got a new sleep sack. Oh! And we got a rocking Pet Hair Vacuum from my parents because we are up to our elbows in Chloe hair around here and the Dirt Devil isn't cutting it.

Speaking of reconnecting, I've been quite absent in this space lately, especially the past month. I'm not gone for good, life's just been so busy that blogging has had to take a backseat to my other responsibilities. I miss this space though-- especially the support, so I hope to make more time for it. I'm not making a bunch of empty promises about how often I'll be blogging for the time being, but I will tell you that I miss you all and I want to catch up very soon. I've got a lot to talk about-- Jack's three months old now and smiles more than any baby I've ever seen, Liam's talking up a storm, I've been crafting like crazy, I re-opened my etsy shop (see the link on the right side bar!!) and I'm getting ready to quit breastfeeding to go back on my meds. All of these are posts I'd like to write. Promise to fill you in soon.

Love to you all!