Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

We celebrated a really relaxed Father's Day this year by having BBQ over at my parents' house today.

My dad loves his BBQ & loves to have a Coke with it, so the boys brought him a little present at lunch:

(Thanks, Pinterest!) 

The ties were a free printable, Liam colored them himself & I tied them on with red/white baker's twine. I made the sticker tag in Photoshop. (Get it, POP-PY? It's a stretch for us southerners who would never refer to Coke as "Pop" but I thought it was cute. For the record, I go with "soft drink"-- not pop, not soda & I don't call every carbonated beverage "Coke.")

We were on a strict budget this year that didn't leave money for expensive presents, but it was important to me to have a gift for my dad & for Rob that would mean something to them. I had seen pics like these on Pinterest a million times & decided to do them with the boys.

I bought the letters P, O, Y,  D & A at Hobby Lobby & spray painted them white. Then, on Wednesday afternoon (in 90 degree weather) my mom and I took the boys to the Botanical Gardens to take our pictures. Snapping the shots was a total pain in the ass-- Liam wouldn't sit down, he only wanted to throw the letters, he wouldn't look at the camera, etc. But after two and a half hours and almost 400 shots later, I was pretty sure I had enough decent pictures to make a great Father's Day Gift.

(Click on the images to make them larger!)

For my dad:

For Rob:

I framed my dad's in a black 5-opening wood frame & Rob's in a 3-opening white frame.

The gift was certainly a labor of love, but inexpensive, and both of them really seemed to love it. It was definitely worth the time & effort!

To those with children, those who have lost & those still waiting-- Happy Father's Day, everyone.


Outtakes to come in another post!

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