Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I Made Wednesday: Babies in Buckets

Yep, more party stuff!

I had a 10 gallon galvanized bucket along with some Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric (that I bought years ago & haven't done anything with) & I decided to cover the bucket in the fabric, so that I could use it as a centerpiece for Liam's party. (So easy-- make a template from a roll of wrapping paper by tracing the bucket, trace template onto your fabric, cut, brush some mod podge onto the bucket and adhere the fabric, then brush a coat of mod podge over the top of the fabric to seal it. I like to line up my top rim perfectly, but make my fabric hang off the bottom edge a little-- then, when the mod podge is dry, go around the bottom rim with an x-acto knife to trim off the excess. Tada!) Likely, it'll be filled with drinks in the center of the table with balloons coming out of the middle-- haven't decided yet.

Then, I decided to get started on the boys' shirts for L's party. I bought an embroidery design of the Very Hungry Caterpillar and wanted to test it out on Jack's shirt before tackling Liam's. (Liam's will have a large 2 in the same fabric as the bucket, with the caterpillar crawling across the bottom along with his name.) I do a lot of applique and monogramming, but nothing with stitching this dense. Overall, the shirt is wearable, but do you see how the fabric puckers a bit around the design? Yeah, it's not supposed to do that. It's tough to add so many stitches to a tiny thin onesie and have it come out perfect. I'll probably give it another shot with a different stabilizer-- just because I'm so anal that imperfections like that kill me. But if it's not any better the next time, then Jack, enjoy your party shirt, puckers & all!

Here's another shot:

That baby? Yeah, he's one of the best things I've made. :)

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