Monday, November 5, 2012

My Little Monkey

I'm way behind on blogging-- I have Pumpkin Patch Train Ride pics to post, along with Trunk or Treat & Halloween pics, but it may or may not get done this week because the countdown is on to...

Jack's 1st Birthday!!

The party is in less than a week & I'm up to my elbows in projects-- I had big plans for a post to show off some of my ideas, but instead, there will just have to be a post after the party. No time!

Among the million things that have been going on during the past two weeks, we had our fall family photo shoot Saturday with Lauren from Peppermint Photography. I am so thankful that we worked with her this year-- she was incredibly patient with our incredibly difficult boys.

You know those days when you just *need* the kids to take a nap? And then they don't? 

Yeah, that. 

I'm pretty sure they cried 90% of the session-- that, or Liam was running away. Such is the life with two little ones! Lauren was great, and bless her heart, thinks that she was able to get some good shots. (She also reassured me of her Photoshop skills-- wink.)

As we were finishing up, I mentioned to Lauren that I had planned to try to take some pics of Jack with his sock monkey hat to display at his party after our session, but that he was so tired, I probably should skip it & try another day. We decided to give it a shot, though, and I'm so glad we did.

We set him up and started snapping away & wouldn't you know it, that little flirt just started posing!! I wasn't going to post these before his party, but I'm so proud of them, I just had to!

These are my shots-- you can see an awesome one that Lauren took, here.

I can't believe this little guy will be ONE in less than a week!!

** Special thanks to Elizabeth for letting us borrow Grayson's adorable sock monkey hat!!**


  1. Ah, so precious! Sorry the boys were less than cooperative, but I'm sure she got some great pics nonetheless (and yes, photoshop can do wonders!). I cannot believe your little Jack is already one! Amazing!

    1. I was just coming back to this post to add a thank you to you for letting us borrow the hat-- I appreciate it so much and will get it back to you next week! I want to make sure you have it back before it gets cold and G needs it! <3

  2. Those pictures are phenomenal. What kind of camera do you have? I know I've asked you that before, but I desperately need the tools to take pictures like that of Smudgie!

    1. Thanks, friend!!

      I have a Nikon D3100 & I LOVE IT!! It's been a great intro DSLR: easy to use, lightweight, and not too expensive. I'll email you some details. It takes great shots straight out of the camera, but I usually like to spruce them up a bit in Photoshop-- getting rid of snotty noses, etc. LOL.

  3. Omg such cute pics of Jack!!! LOVE!! :)