Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy ♥ Day!

I had so many sweet friends reach out to me yesterday, concerned that Valentine's Day might be a difficult day for me-- but honestly, it really wasn't. The love I celebrated with my boys overshadowed any lack of romantic love, by far.

The boys and I put together some gifts for their Marmi & Poppy (my parents) to celebrate yesterday afternoon. After seeing this flip book on Pinterest, I HAD to attempt a similar book with Liam. I made a few changes-- I added the hearts in Photoshop instead of photographing post-it notes (Liam never would have stood still for that!) & I had my wallet size books printed at My Publisher instead of printing photos and stapling them together. Instead of leaving the back of the pages blank, I asked him, "What do you love, Liam?" and put each of his answers on a separate page. I love how they turned out.

Here they are!

While I would have loved to have involved Jack in that project, it just wasn't happening. So, I decided to take a series of Valentine's themed photos of him to frame. (You simply can't go wrong with pictures as a gift fo grandparents!) A special thanks to my friend Sarah over at Dear Emerson for the idea of using wrapping paper as a photo backdrop!

My parents showered the boys with sweet treats at the their house, then I brought them home to a pizza dinner, followed by some lovey-themed gifts from me.

New books, wooden cars, zoo animals, m&ms and chocolate hearts.

And speaking of books, I *may* have cried when I read this to Liam last night. Hormonal/Emotional moms beware!

Happy Day, All!


  1. Oh god, how could you NOT read that and cry?? So sweet.

    Love the pictures (and the idea of using wrapping paper as a background)! Sounds like you had a sweet day with your boys. :)

  2. Glad it was such a good day! Cute, cute, cute- as usual! Love all your fun projects!

  3. That it one of my favorite books to read to Elle, but you're right, it is definitely an emotional one! We also love "On The Night You Were Born" by the same author.

    Love all of the photos and personalized gifts - great ideas!

  4. I just gave that book to one of my good friends who adopted a little girl after 3.5 years. Bawling in the book store as I picked it out!