Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

Liam, King of All Wild Things, turned three on Saturday.
We celebrated with a Where the Wild Things Are style Rumpus!  

The invite.

The setup.

Did you catch the handmade Max & Moishe dolls on the shelf? My friend Erin is AMAZING.

The cake was my first attempt at putting fondant on buttercream-- a baker/cake decorator I am not! However, I was really happy with this simple design & can't wait to try other things in the future.

I bought a set of these figurines on eBay-- a few of them are on the table & the others are on the shelves.

I made the Cake Pops with Oreos & cream cheese (yummy!) & the mini crowns are fondant.

We served boxed lunches-- sandwiches, chips and fruit. I made the stickers so that we knew what was in the box: Max meant Chicken Salad & Moishe meant PB&J.

A little sign on the table with a pic from the book.

These cookies were the party favors and they were well worth the 5 days it took to make them. This party really stretched my baking skills!

A total last minute project, the forks we used for cake are one of my favorite little details from the party. I tried an inkjet/mod podge transfer that I saw a tutorial on & I failed miserably. I was going to give up on these until I remembered some tshirt transfer paper I had in my craft stash. I made the design in Photoshop, printed it mirrored on the transfer paper, ironed the paper directly onto the forks, then peeled off the backing. It totally worked!

King of All Wild Things. I made these shirts with heat transfer vinyl.

Little Wild Thing.

The kids painted their own Max & Moishe on toilet paper rolls.

And we played Pin the Tail on Max, which was way too crazy to get an action shot!

Sign outside of the house:

One of the only pics I stepped into that day-- so glad there's one of me and the birthday boy!

Happy Birthday, my little Wild Thing!
I love you so much!

The Details
Invitations, Envelopes, Fold Over Cookie Tags & Stickers: ChloeTate (Me)
Paper leaves, tissue pom poms and printed Where the Wild Things Are Art:  Me
Crocheted Max & Moishe: Erin from The Cozy Baby
Chipboard Letters (ROAR) & Number (3): Hobby Lobby 
"Monster Fur" table runner: Fabric Depot (LOVE that you can buy in 1/4 yard increments!)
Birch Buckets: A local shop called Leaf & Petal but they can also be found here.
Where the Wild Things Are Figurines: Ebay
Bio Plus Kraft Take Out Boxes: Paper Mart
Tree Trunk Cake Stand and small stands: My dad and his chainsaw!
Cake/Cake Pops/Cookies: Me
Plain Bamboo Forks: The Pretty Paper Shop (Design added by me.)
Shirts: Made by me, using heat transfer vinyl, but using crown and banner shapes by Olive + Birch
Pin the Tail on Max Posters & Yard Sign: Made by me, printed by VistaPrint

Special thanks to NikkiikkiN for the ideas for the cookies, table runner & birch buckets. Her party is stunning!! And always, Pinterest....I pulled together my fav ideas from lots of different parties!


  1. Love it! Incredible as usual, Stef. You do such an amazing job.

  2. Stef, this is AAAAMAZING. Best Wild Things Party I've ever seen.

  3. This is seriously so awesome! Your crafting skills are amazing, what a great party for your little guy.

  4. Beautiful! Every detail is amazing. Great job!!

  5. Stef, THIS IS OFF THE HOOK. You are the Queen of Pinterest-worthy parties. Your boys are so lucky to have a crafty mama who will spend so much of her (rare) spare time making things so special for them.

    Love, love, love.

  6. This is absolutely fantastic. I wish you lived here so I could hire you to do my parties!

  7. I was just looking at a friend's birthday party pictures, and remembered I never commented on this post! As usual, everything was FABULOUS- you blow me away with your creativity and execution of all these projects. Happy 3rd Birthday Liam! Wishing you a wonderful year!

  8. Great Job Stef! AND a big thanks for the shout out!

  9. Awesome job! What did you use as the tail for pin the tail on Max?

  10. Are you able to share your photoshop design for the forks?

    My email: