Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sound the Alarm! Jack's 2nd Birthday.

This party almost didn't happen.

I'm back at work full time (more on that another day) and working single mommy doesn't have quite as much time to pull these things together as I used to. Jack loves firetrucks, and after a few attempts to get in touch with our local fire station with no luck, I had decided that we'd just celebrate Jack's birthday with a family dinner.

Then, a week ago today, the fire station called me back-- so I scrambled to pull something together in less than a week. And you know what? It was just as fun as the parties that I spend months planning. A few less details than I would have pulled off with more time... but he doesn't care about that. Give him a donut and a firetruck and he's happy.

So, our party was brunch & a tour of our local fire department--

There were burning buildings.

Fire hydrants bursting with cinnamon & orange rolls & donuts.

Wagons full of fruit.

And firetrucks, of course.

The setup.

The mamas had Bloody Marys. (And an egg & cheese souffle.)

We stuck two candles in a chocolate donut for Jack to blow out.

We gave our friends some fun party favors.

And mama even managed to grab a pic with the birthday boy.

We headed off for our tour of the fire station-- here's our crew!

He was one happy birthday boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Jack! I love you SO much!


  1. You are amazing- I can't believe you threw together such an awesome party last minute! Happy Birthday to Jack- 2 years already?!? Wow. He is such a sweetie. I can't wait to hear about your new job, life, etc...miss you in blogland, friend!

  2. Your last minute party would have taken me weeks to put together! It looks like a great time and like he was seriously happy. And oh my gosh, he's a big boy now! Where did the little baby go?

    Smudgie loves firetrucks, too. I have to keep this in mind for future parties.

  3. Yeah you are awesome!! This is great!! It's a great and creative idea too! Not your typical pizza party. I love this!! You are awesome!

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