Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gifts and Growing Pains

When I returned from my trip, I was so excited to receive our very first baby gift! Secret Sloper is so thoughtful-- she sent us this Park Slope Parents cd. A little taste of her family friendly neighborhood in Brooklyn, this is a fantastic kids cd with really fun songs--not the typical annoying kids music. I love it and I can't wait to play this for Baby Blakely.
Thank you so much, C!!

I've experienced some growing pains this week, as I started developing Round Ligament Pain. Twice over the weekend, I sneezed and the pain in my lower right abdomen was so intense it scared me to death. Yesterday, when I laughed a little too hard at the office, I felt it again so I called the doctor. She assured me that this is completely normal and that it's just my uterus growing and making some more room for Baby Blakely. While these pains are certainly uncomfortable, I am so thankful for additional signs that things are progressing as they should. I'm still pretty tired these days, but I've found that the more sleep I get, the better I feel. It seems like 10 hours is around the magic number to assure the following day is nausea free!

Speaking of which, time to turn in!


  1. Aw I love these new kid CDs popping up - less annoying and more of a kid spin on the songs we enjoy! :)

    I've heard about that pain too - the tugging? Glad to know your baby is growing! :)

  2. What a wonderful gift!

    I'm sorry about the pain, but it's a great sign that Baby Blakely is growing right on schedule! When is your next appointment?

  3. Oh, is THAT what it's called? Yes, I definitely still feel that too. Usually after walking up stairs or hurrying to catch the subway. Like a little pinch or finger poke.

    Good news -- baby's makin' room in there!

  4. Glad things are going well for you. I have had a little pain too on occassionas, I remember it from my pregnancy with Champ, but it is still scary.

    10 hours sleep sounds like heaven - I just can't get that through the night as I like some adult time once Champ is in bed and he only speels for around 11 hours over night. I have tried napping during his 2 hour a day nap, but the nausea after a nap is THE WORST!