Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

If it's not one thing, it's another... My excitement over our floor tile was short lived on Friday when I inspected it and realized it wasn't laid well. You can see what all of the spacing should look like in my last post.

Here's where two sheets meet and there was a little too much space left in between (least of my concerns):

These two sheets were laid so close that the tiles are actually touching:

When the tiles are laid correctly, they should form diagonal lines like these:

Some areas of ours look like this, instead:

I called our contractor & he's coming to look at them on Monday, but so far, he seems to agree (based on the pictures) that these need to be ripped up and done again. The problem is that we don't have any extra tile-- these were kind of expensive and we only ordered what we needed. Additionally, they were special order (typically taking 5-10 business days to get here) but we paid $150 extra to have them sent two day air to get them here when the contractors said they needed them.

So frustrating!!!


  1. Ugh, I'm sorry. I have several friends who just renovated their respective bathrooms, and they all said these projects always take longer than the contractors claim they will and involve some kind of screw up (one set of friends had their sink installed backwards!).

    I hope it's cleared up soon at no additional cost to you.

  2. Oh no! How frustrating and worrisome expecially after your wait. I can kind of relate as I have a modern day bungalow and I had my great room tiled. I purchased a beautiful venetian stone from a place that offers really nice, left over tile that was fabulously discounted. I foolishly only bought what I needed (since it wasn't something that could be ordered if more was needed) and was stressed the whole way through the install about something going wrong and possibly needing more yet knowing I probably wouldn't find it. In any event, I absolutely love what you selected and hope it all comes together soon. Would love to see the finished product! Good luck!

  3. Oh no...I'm sorry. I would think that the contractors will need to cover the cost of hte new tile since it's their fault it wasn't installed properly.
    Our condo is a gut-rehab of a very old building, so I feel your pain about dealing with contractors!

  4. Well they better pay for the additional tiles - seeing as how THEY screwed up! I hope it's fixed soon!