Monday, May 31, 2010

The Nursery: Progress

Disclaimer: It's mortifying to post some of these pics, but you won't know how far we've come, unless you see where we've been!


Here are pictures of the room that will be the nursery-- it has been my sewing room/craft room/junk room/room with the door always shut and it's only gotten worse over the past few months, because baby stuff has been added into the mess. The more stuff that we tossed into this room, the more overwhelmed I felt about tackling it. (Please know that the rest of our house, while messy at times, never looks this bad!!)

Wow. It's horrible, I know.

So now, the AFTER-- Cleaned, scrubbed, painted, swept, rearranged and so much better. We have quite a bit more to do, but we're on our way--and even though we had to give up the whole holiday weekend, it was worth it.

We went with a light sage-ish green paint-- soothing.

Don't let this pic fool you-- the room is tiny.

Big empty wall, waiting for the crib-- picking up next weekend!

A small round nightstand will sit to the right of the chair & ottoman (which need to be cleaned).

Still needs a fresh coat of paint, but stocked changing table! Bottles, Tiny Gdiapers, Small Gdiapers, 400 inserts and a breastpump. Will eventually replace the clear boxes with cute storage containers-- baskets or canvas boxes.

One of our favorite little touches.

To Do

So, there's a lot left to do, but the rest of it feels fun-- getting the room cleaned and painted was the overwhelming part. Here are our remaining projects:

We're picking up our crib next weekend & putting it together on Father's Day weekend.

I need to sew our crib bedding. I picked out this rocket fabric that I love and will make our crib skirt and crib bumpers out of it. Planning on making a quilt to throw over the chair and if I get really ambitious, I'll attempt a fitted sheet. Otherwise, we'll just use green or white crib sheets.

We plan to install beadboard around the bottom half of the walls-- my dad has agreed to help with this when they move here later this summer. The wainscoting will be tall-- 4 feet high on top of our 5" baseboards, so it will be tall enough to come up behind the crib. (This is taller than your standard chair rail, of course.)

We need to install plantation shutters on the windows-- these are more expensive than blinds, but no cords = no safety hazards.

Then we'll add some fun accessories-- We bought this rocket lamp recently.
I'd like to replace the massive fan with something sleek, like this:

Still hunting for some other things-- like a mirror over the changing table, something behind the crib (monogram or wall quote) and a book rack on the wall next to the glider... but it's coming along and my hope is that it will be the perfect blend of a cute cottage style room with a few modern twists!

I'll update as things come together!


  1. OMG LOOOOOVE that fabric you picked out and so jealous you can sew! Love that lamp too - I LOVE the rocket theme! haha - can you tell I love your taste?

  2. Oh my gosh, Stef. It looks amazing. Just incredible. I can't wait to see it with the crib. You have wonderful taste!

  3. Stef, you have incredible design sense. What a gorgeous room it's going to be! Aw, I can't wait for the pictures of Liam snuggled in there :)

  4. I love this!!! Such an adorable room for little Liam.

  5. I love the rocket fabric and the colors in the room:) I'm excited to see everything together.

  6. also I love the BYOB door hanger:) it cracked me up

  7. Looks great!! I cannot wait to post pics too!

  8. Stef - looks awesome. Wish I had your energy before I had Declan but alas, Blackbaud sapped it from me everyday, if you can remember.

    You mentioned fitted crib sheets...don't bother. Go with white because they spit up and drool on the sheets and that way you can bleach out any stains. Make our life easier. Believe me, I know. Plus, if you have another child, boy or girl, white will go with whatever layout you choose.