Friday, June 18, 2010

Itty Bitty Baby Legs

Years before Liam was created & back before I met Rob, I enjoyed reading family related blogs. I always loved peering into other people's lives, seeing what was thrown their way and how they handled it. I liked watching their kids grow up, celebrating birthdays and sharing holidays. I dreamed about how my future family would do these things.

Sweet Juniper (points to link on sidebar) was always one of my favorites-- a hipster couple leaves San Francisco and moves to Detroit, lawyer mom & stay at home dad. The writing was always entertaining and their daughter Juniper was adorable. A few years later, their son Gram entered the picture, complete with fantastic birth story posts. While I obviously never knew this family, I loved reading what was happening in their lives each day.

Back in 2007, Sweet Juniper introduced me to BabyLegs. Back then, they were wacky kids legwarmers-- something that only this ahead-of-the-trends couple would dress their children in. But now? Everyone's raving about them and their line has so many adorable patterns I don't know how anyone could pass them up. (Don't believe me? Heir to Blair blogged about them this week. Check out her 20% discount!)

With Liam arriving right before it gets cold and the inevitability of him learning to crawl on our hardwood floors, I decided he needs some. Stat. BabyLegs has quite a few retired patterns on sale right now (and Blair's discount helps!) but I've found that Ebay has an amazing selection, all new & super cheap. They have "My First Baby Legs" (slightly smaller and shorter) as well as the standard size.

So, 4 new fabulous pairs of BabyLegs will be arriving at our house next week!

What better way to celebrate your first Halloween at 6 weeks old than these orange and black polka-dot baby legs?
To coordinate with his 5 billion brown and blue outfits (with monkeys) we bought: Overall, I am not a fan of orange, but I couldn't resist pairing these blue and orange stripes with the goldfish in bag onesies that I made.
Springtime here we come!
I love that these can be used on legs or arms and that combined with a onesie diaper changes will be super easy! We have two showers coming up, and I know I have to stop buying things, but I rationalize that these weren't on our registry, so no one would have known we wanted them.

That excuses the shopping, right? :)


  1. I love them too and plan on stocking up once we have our baby. I have heard how wonderful they are. I love the Halloween ones and I LOVE your splashy onesie - too cute!

  2. Oh my gosh, Stef. These are so adorable!

  3. I saw these!!! They are adorable!

  4. Yes yes yes, I saw a blog post on someone's blog about these ages ago (before I was pregnant), and now I am obsessed. Can't wait to buy some! Thanks for the tips to get the discount and look on ebay.


  5. I love love love these...hubby however HATES them! So baby girl will have to do her first sneaking out of the house in an outfit daddy hates when she is super young!