Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jumping for G's

Since before we got pregnant, I knew that I wanted to use gDiapers. I love the idea of hybrid diapers that allow us to switch back and forth between cloth and disposable. And, even though I'm kind of doubting that we'll stick with cloth (I'm really intrigued & inspired by them but not sure I want to deal with the reality of them.) I like having options. So, the thing I love most about gDiapers inserts is that they are flushable. We're fully committed and stocked with Tiny G's and Small Gpants, with larger sizes on our registry for later.

Today, gDiapers introduced their latest "baby"-- biodegradable gWipes.

I immediately ordered a few cases-- thrilled to be jumping further on the gBandwagon. After a quick e-mail to customer support (who are awesome, I might add), I have learned that while these are advertised as "Biodegradable", they are not labeled as "Flushable." How a company can make an entire diaper that can be flushed, but not a wipe that goes with it baffles me a little bit. It's a little disappointing.

, these wipes cost no more than a package of Huggies wipes at the grocery store, and they're better for the environment. I don't regret my purchase at all & I'm happy to give them a shot. But in the meantime, let's work on a flushable wipe, and keep the poop out of my kid's nursery and in the bathroom where it belongs.

Ok, G?


  1. I saw these too and were super excited but bummed as well about being non-flushable! I think we are going to just stick with eco-friendly until then or maybe even cloth wipes at home.

  2. That's so weird how they aren't flushable! I'd write them a letter. Maybe that will be their next change. But it's still great that they aren't any more expensive than regular wipes AND better for the environment. :)

  3. Stef, the Aussie company who originally made the flushable diaper inserts (Eenees) does, I believe, make flushable liners and wipes. The only thing is, they probably don't sell to the US (because of a non-competition agreement with gDiapers). I could always post them to you?!?! I'm planning on getting the Eenees diapers since I can't import the gDiapers - unfortunately I don't think the colour range is as appealing as the gDiapers range.

  4. Thanks, TIO! I'll look into them and shoot you an e-mail if I want to try them out!

  5. Good for you to try a cloth alternative! We have gone back and forth on the idea, and decided that we're going to start with disaposables (to have one less thing to worry about in the very beginning), but hopefully transition to cloth diapers soon. That said, I don't know anything about this "hybrid" type. Apparently I have some research to do :)

  6. That's great to hear...I'll have to check them out as well once we get to that point. I think it's wonderful that more and more companies are jumping on the green bandwagon!

  7. They are an interesting hybrid. I am a big cloth fan and once you get the hang of them they don't feel like any extra work at all.

    You could try reusable bamboo wipes? If you are washing the nappy, I figure you may as well wash the wipe too.