Saturday, July 31, 2010

Showered with Love (Part II)

It's taken me forever to post about my second baby shower-- I caught a nasty stomach bug this week that sent me straight to bed for several days! Took a little while to recover, but I'm feeling much better now.

This shower was so much fun-- My family is the best and my aunts and cousins put so much hard work into making this a special day for me.

Their attention to detail was incredible-- everything from the balloons marking the directions to the refreshments matched the black, white and green theme of our nursery! They served a delicious lime punch, had my favorite chicken salad, mini carrot cakes from my favorite bakery, and special ordered yummy cookies in the shape of rockets to match my nursery fabric and baby Liam's monogram! How adorable are these?!

My beautiful cousins and aunts who planned the party-- some of them even wore green and white to continue the theme!

I also got to see my aunt and cousin on my dad's side, who I don't get to see often!

I had so much fun with friends-- The lovely ladies of our trivia team:

My friend Alice (who was one of my bridesmaids) even flew in from Chicago for the occasion!!

In addition to having a wonderful time with family and friends, we received so many generous gifts! We are so lucky to have so many people that love and care about us, and want to help us prepare for this baby's arrival.

A huge gift-- my aunts and cousins all went in together to get us our Pack n' Play!! Everyone needs one of these for traveling or for company who have children (Rob's sis, her husband, her infant and possibly her toddler are coming for Thanksgiving!). I know we'll get tons of use out of this.

A jogging stroller! My cousins and aunt on my dad's side all went in together to get us this-- I'm thrilled! Rob is a runner and this stroller just might provide me with a little "me time" when Rob takes Liam with him on some of his runs. It will also come in handy when we use our new zoo membership to go walking after the baby gets here! It's a very cool stroller with an ipod adapter and speakers.

I thought we didn't need any more baby clothes-- clearly, I was wrong. I adore this monogrammed romper and can't wait to dress Liam in it!!

My mom got us this beautiful Vera Bradley Diaper Bag--it has tons of pockets and will be awesome to carry around all of Liam's stuff!

My dad got us these awesome aden+anais swaddling blankets-- I've heard nothing but amazing reviews and can't wait to snuggle our little guy up in these tiffany blue and brown themed "Little Man" muslin blankets.

Ok, nothing could have prepared me for these-- these baby Chuck Taylors were hand knitted by Rob's 93 year old grandmother!! She knitted us some very traditional baby gifts-- a sweet sweater, some blue booties and she included a note letting us know that she is working on a quilt and will send it when it's ready. But these? These. Are. Awesome. (Not to mention totally cool and unexpected. She could make a killing selling them on etsy.)

We got so many other things that we needed, too-- bath suppplies, tummy mats, books and diaper bag essentials. It's a bit overwhelming how many wonderful gifts we received-- we are incredibly thankful!


  1. The pack n play and stroller are awesome gifts!! GOOOO your family!

  2. 鞋匠能作好鞋子,因為他只做鞋,不做別的。.......................................................

  3. looks like you had a great shower!
    I LOVE the knitted booties- I can't get over how fun they are:)

  4. Wow you did get a lot of wonderful items! People love to spoil babies! I love those booties too - they are just too sweet!