Monday, August 16, 2010

Doctor's Appointment: Week 36

I had a doctor's appointment this morning-- I'll be going every week from here on out! Here are the stats from Baby Watch 2010: Week 36.

-2lbs from 34 weeks


Starting to thin, not dialating yet

Baby's Position: Doc said he's dropped some, but his position is still unknown! She said my cervix is up very high-- she could barely reach it, so she couldn't feel if his head was there. I was surprised that she didn't offer an ultrasound to check his position, since she had mentioned this before. She said we'd try again next week-- I'd feel better knowing that he's in the correct position!

Strep B Test: Should get the results back in a few days.

I haven't felt very well since I got back from my appointment-- the doc warned me that I'd probably experience some cramping and/or spotting from my first internal exam. I've experienced both, along with a lot of pressure and back pain. Trying to rest a bit today and take it easy-- but for most part, I'm feeling pretty good these days!


  1. What a total bummer about the cramping and spotting. I was lucky to never get that; but yeah those exams are not exactly comfortable, huh. Take a rest from your lists and enjoy the final homestretch!! :)

  2. I had cramping and spotting after every internal. I felt like my period was on its way and felt yucky too. The feeling and spotting for me was gone in about 24 hours each time! Take it easy.

  3. Oh I hope the cramping & spotting go away soon, that is never fun or reassuring. I'm glad that other than that - things are going well. I hope he's in the right position and stays there!

  4. Hope you feel better soon and next week doc can tell if he is in correct position ;O) which I am sure he is!

  5. Wow, Stef, you are almost there!!!!!!!! I'm sure the weekly appts will be super-reassuring from here on out. Yip!

  6. You're getting so close to welcoming Liam!