Monday, October 11, 2010

Adventures in Babywearing

Sometimes, I avoid trying new things because I'm scared I won't do them right. Like when I was making the crib bedding for Liam's nursery, I put off making the crib bumper for months because I had never done piping before and was worried I'd mess it up.

I have a feeling that I might be the same way when it comes to parenting-- rather, I know that I will.

Liam is still getting sponge baths every few days, even though his cord stump fell off nearly two weeks ago. We have a Puj Tub just waiting to fill the bathroom sink, but it will likely sit unused for a while longer as I'm nervous about bathing the slippery skin on his tiny body.

This weekend, my aunt visited from TX to see Liam for the first time. On Saturday, we ventured out for lunch, then shopping and the day resembled the type of Saturday that we would have had before Liam was born. It was really nice. Liam slept in his stroller almost the whole time, other than a quick feeding (my first time to nurse in public!). It was the longest we've left the house in three weeks.

CONFESSION: I've been too scared to take him out on my own.

Monday, Rob returns to work. And while I have fantastic parents who live close by and will help me in any way possible, it's time for me to be an independent mama.

We have a carseat that snaps right into the stroller, but what's a mom to do when she needs to run errands that aren't condusive to dragging the stroller along? Case in point: Grocery Shopping. Seems like many mamas just plop the car seat down on their shopping carts, and if it works for you, then no judgement here. However, being the worrier I am, I've read too many articles like this about car seats falling off of shopping carts that I've decided that I'm not comfortable taking the chance.

So instead of coming up with a solution, I've just avoiding grocery shopping for the past three weeks, along with most errands. (One of the beautiful things about having family nearby is that everyone has stopped by to see Liam and they've brought food! We've been so blessed and taken care of!) Rob has run out to the store periodically for the few things that we've needed.

Today, I decided it was time to face my fear and step up to the challenge...I'm running out of time. I had to learn how to use my Moby Wrap.

Several months ago when I tried to learn how to tie it using Mozart as my "baby" I quickly learned that the instruction manual is essentially useless. It's too difficult to see exactly how to tie it based on illustrations. Thank God for YouTube-- there are so many videos showing you all of the different holds. It was so helpful to see people actually putting it on! So, I knew how to tie it, I'd just never done it with a real live baby. If you think I was nervous about the whole bath situtation, think about dangling your three week old child from a six foot long piece of jersey knit fabric.

This morning, I took a deep breath, picked up my fussy baby and slid him into the newborn cradle hold. Within 30 seconds, he went from l'enfant terrible (terrible child, what we call him when he's especially cranky, which is not often) to a sleeping little angel. He slept so soundly, I kept checking on him to make sure he was alright. I did the dishes, I did the laundry and he just slept. It was miraculous.

Armed with a new sense of confidence, later this afternoon I tried the newborn hug hold. Again, he loved it. We took a walk around the neighborhood (he slept the whole time), I made dinner and he was so snuggly and happy.

I feel really silly that I was so scared to try it-- If I hadn't, I really would have missed out on a comfortable way to hold my baby as well as a tool to help me rejoin the real world! With both holds, I fed him right before putting him into the wrap and he slept for hours and hours. He was completely secure the whole time & my hands were free. I know that I could put him in this and have at least an hour to get some shopping done.

I feel great now about being able to leave the house alone, leave the carseat in the car, and hopefully leave my worries behind.

(So, not a great pic of me, but some days it's a stretch to take a shower and brush my teeth in the same day. Today I did both. I'm a rockstar.)


  1. I have a moby as well but didn't think about finding the YouTube videos for it. I was practicing on myself until the belly got way to big, so I tried it on DH once, lol. But its good to know that it's effective!

    And I read/heard those shopping cart/infant carrier stories too and was like "oh hell no!"

  2. The Moby Wrap does look complicated so I can see why you were intimidated by it! I had no problem at all with my car seat on the grocery cart. But my car seat had this slot in the back that clicked and snapped onto the carriage so I never worried. To each his'll find what works for you soon so that you won't starve!

  3. TOTAL rockstar. I can tell from the picture :)

    Just want to check and find out if a package made its way to you last week. If not, the USPS and I need to have a chat.

  4. Such a great story! And so familiar . . . so many moms have a hard time leaving the house for the first time. I just posted this on our facebook page - I think lots of other new moms can relate! Happy babywearing! - Jeanette from Birthways ( or

  5. I'm glad things are going so well for you! No doubt you'll be out, running errands and doing fun stuff on your own with Liam in no time! :)
    Also - I wanted to ask you if there was a particular pattern you used for making the crib set that you made for Liam's room?

  6. I love my moby!!! I remember that feeling of this is the greatest invention ever when I got some errands done too. I still use mine with Elijah and while he won't let me tuck his head in and sleep anymore he still loves to be in it and my back is very thankful :) You look great!!

  7. 1st - that is an amazing picture of you - so far you've looked fantastic in every picture you post. I'm convinced you must primp first. haha!

    2. THANK YOU for posting this - I am afraid to use the Moby as well because I figured I'd tie it wrong and our baby would fall out. But I going to follow those YouTube videos and those holds and do it! LOVE IT!!