Sunday, November 21, 2010

Letters to Liam, 2 months

My Little Liam,

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the moment that you tumbled out of my belly and into my arms. The feeling of seeing you for the first time was amazing and exhilarating—I can hardly describe it, but I feel it and my eyes fill with tears as I’m overwhelmed with the memory of the best day of my life. And now, it seems that every day with you is more incredible than the last. I can hardly believe the little person that you are turning into… each day I see more of the little boy you will become.

We just had your 2 month checkup. You’ve grown two inches (23 ½ inches) and gained a little over two pounds (9lbs 12oz) since you were born-- You’re a long and lean little guy! You got four shots and I cried more than you did.

You are laughing, cooing and communicating-- We sit around and watch you for hours, so amused with how you are developing. The best part of my day is seeing you smile and hearing you “talk” to me. You’ve started to move around a lot and I know you’ll be rolling over soon. You twist and turn but just haven’t figured out how to make it over your arm yet, but you’ll get there.

You’ve started loving bath time! I can’t wait until you can hold toys and splash. Every time I put you in that warm water, you are so calm and relaxed—the only part you don’t like is getting out! You also love when I wear you in our wrap—I wrap it around my body and slide you into it. You are so warm and snuggly and content, like being back in the womb. I wear you around the house, out to lunch and shopping. Everyone is amazed at how happy you seem to be, cuddled up to me. I’m happy to have you so close to my heart.

Your second month brought different challenges than your first—in the span of a week, you were diagnosed with both acid reflux and colic. You have the sweetest disposition and are usually a very happy baby, but when you get into one of your spells, your typical go-with-the-flow personality disappears & watch out… On your worst day, you cried over nine hours straight! The good news is, the older you get, the less we see days like this. (The meds we have you on really seem to be helping your reflux— unfortunately, it appears that you’ve inherited Mommy & Poppy’s tummy problems.)

We just celebrated your first Halloween (you were the cutest little football!) and Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Santa has already picked out your toys (or so he tells me) and we can’t wait to open them with you, even though you’ll likely be more interested in the ceiling fan (your fav!) than your gifts. We’re having so much fun sharing all of these special days with you and can’t wait to start our own traditions as a family.

You are so precious and you make us so happy… Some days I look at you and think that my heart might burst.

I love you, pumpkin.


  1. awwhh! happy 2 month, liam!! he sure is long and lean!! i'm sure those baby chubby thighs are soon to come!

  2. This is precious. Happy two months to Liam! I can't get over how tall he looks. Are you and your husband tall, Stef?

  3. wow, he is long and lean! Happy two months, lil Liam!

  4. Oh my gosh, such a big boy already! And so sweet!

  5. Soooo cute. I cannot believe it's been two months already - time flies when you have a little one doesn't it?