Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas (in pictures)

I've been meaning to post this for weeks...

We had such a nice Christmas! On Christmas Eve, we headed over to my parents house where we spent the night. My brother Eric and his girlfriend Sandy came in from Nashville and we wanted to spend as much time with everyone as we could. Sandy lives in Oklahoma and will be moving to Nashville in 2o11. We met her in Nashville in early November and couldn't wait to spend more time with her.

Friday night, we ate our traditional meal (chili), then we all opened our traditional present (new pajamas!) My parents do this every year for us, and we'll continue this with Liam each year. He looked so cute in his red and white striped reindeer pjs!

We stayed up way too late, and as everyone headed to bed, my mom and I played Santa and filled the stockings and laid out the presents.

Since Liam was in an unfamiliar crib, it didn't surprise me that he woke up a bit early on Christmas morning. I nursed him in bed, then quietly crept downstairs, trying not to wake anyone up. I will never forget standing in the living room with him, looking outside, realizing that his very first Christmas would be a white one.

This pic was taken just as it started to snow. The flakes were some of the biggest I have ever seen. (We only got a light dusting, but it was enough to eventually cover the roof, the yard, the cars and the deck.) Alabama hasn't seen a White Christmas in 25 years.

A few hours later, armed with coffee, everyone started getting up and we started opening presents. Such a big pile for such a small boy!

Santa really spoiled Liam! He got a Croc Block Wagon, a Lil Zoomers Speedway, a Laugh & Learn Puppy, a silver puppy bank, mini Chuck Taylors & clothes. He also got tons of books.

His biggest treat was the Step and Sing Piano from Marmi & Poppy! It's like an exersaucer combined with the piano from Big. He LOVES it! His legs are just barely long enough to reach the keys and he gets so excited when he steps on one and it plays music. This week he's just started figuring out how to play the keys with his hands. It's so cute! This was definitely his favorite gift!

We had a wonderful first Christmas!


  1. Aww so glad Liam had such a wonderful first Christmas! Also, glad to finally get some feedback on the Step-n-Play Piano! We got it at our shower and I'm hoping she loves it too. I was so undecided between a jumperoo and that, but I liked how the step-n-play grows with them over the first year or two.

  2. Hi Sweet Lady! Are you loving this snow or what? The crazy thing is...once it melts I will be ready for spring! lol. I already have visions of my porch this spring/summer! I'm so glad you had a wonderful, White Christmas! Liam looks so cute in all of his little pics. So sweet! I know this Christmas was the best ever with your little miracle in your arms. You deserve it all hon! You truly do! Also, love the crafty projects you have recently done...especially the cute little jar with the initial. That will be a sure hit at the shower later this Spring! Thing I'm gonna have to give that a try. Things are well on my end and yes, I do need to head on in to my RE for CD 3 labs etc but it's hard with a new job..esp when your RE is over an hour away. Needless to say, I have so planning to do and we all know time is hardly on my side! Grrrr. I just keep telling myself it will all workout...somehow!