Monday, March 7, 2011

Tweet Baby Girl: Invites

I'm one of those freaks who really loves baby showers. So many people hate them, especially in the IF community (and I can understand why!).

Even while we were battling our fertility struggles, I loved them. I'm not saying that it wasn't a painful reminder of what we so desperately wanted but did not have-- it was. I just love the excitement. I love dreaming up a gift that the mommy-to-be will want and need. I love making it personal. I love marveling at the miracle that this little being truly is.

There's just something about a baby shower that radiates hope. Hope that the baby will be healthy. Hope that the baby will arrive safely. Hope that the mother will know how to use all of the gear she receives. Hope that this child will bring so much joy to everyone's lives. And what a celebration!! Especially for someone who has struggled to get pregnant.

I volunteered to host a baby shower for a favorite cousin who is due at the end of May. We set the date of the shower for the first weekend in April and I've been planning since Christmas. Once we confirmed that the baby is a girl, I settled on a "Tweet Baby Girl" birdie theme (idea from this website)-- the timing couldn't be more perfect. Heading into Spring/Easter, birds, nests & eggs are popping up everywhere, making my decorating job a lot easier and tons of fun.

But the event wouldn't be mine unless I went totally overboard with the DIY projects, right? I've posted about a few projects here and there, and I can't wait to show everyone all of the details that I've been working on for the last few months! I will definitely post pics once the shower is over, but hope to post about some of the little details as I finish things up over the next few weeks.

I finished the invitations this weekend, printed and trimmed them & dropped them in the mail today!

The top is the address label for the guests & the bottom is my return address label on the back of the envelopes:

And, here is the invite:

I'm really happy with how they turned out and can't wait to incorporate this sweet little birdie into some of the party decorations! More to come!



  2. So, so pretty! How did you make all that? You're just amazing.

  3. I love that!
    Next shower I host, I'm coming to you for help:)

  4. I'm consistently amazed by your crafting and creative abilities! They're perfect!