Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last Day of School

Today was Liam's last day of Mother's Day Out today until the fall, so we took his teachers a little gift.

They have been so wonderful to us & they cried today when they told him goodbye. (One said that he'll forget them over the summer & won't know who they are in the fall-- it made me so sad!) They've been such a huge part of Liam's life for the past 9 months. I'm happy to say that the same ladies will be Jack's teachers next year-- they take great care of my babies.

I saw this idea on Pinterest & knew they'd be a great small gift for the end of the year, so I made them!

I got the berry baskets off of etsy, the "Fresh Picked" antibacterial soap, lotion & gel on sale at Bath & Body Works a few weeks ago & made the tags. Here's a closeup of the tags:

The girl at Bath & Body Works said that the "Fresh Picked" line is only in stores for a limited time & that it will probably be cleared out with their June sale. Think I'll stock up on a few extra for his teachers next year-- these were a hit!
If anyone's interested in doing this for your little one's teacher, babysitter/nanny, etc & would like a copy of the tag with your child's name, just let me know. Happy to send it to you!

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