Thursday, October 4, 2012

Odds & Ends or "Croup is Crap"

 Just some random updates from the Blakely Crew:
  • Liam woke up with a 103 fever after his nap on Sunday. As the hours passed on Sunday night, he lost his voice, started sounding hoarse and his breathing sounded wheezy & labored. Monday morning, I took him to the doctor & he was diagnosed with croup. We're wading through Tylenol, steroids, humidifiers, steam showers and everything we can to make him feel better. The cough has gotten worse, but the fever has gotten better. No school for him this week but I think we'll see improvement in the next few days.
  • Tuesday night I started feeling congested & yesterday I woke up with a fever. Today I feel like I've been hit by a truck-- my head hurts, I'm congested, cough, runny nose, low grade fever...just generally crappy. It could be a sinus infection, it could be the virus that caused Liam's croup-- who knows? I started an antibiotic this morning, just in case, but otherwise I'm living on Mucinex D & just trying to survive the day.
Edited to Add: I went to my ENT on Friday because the ear & teeth pain/pressure were more than I could handle at this point. Yep, a sinus infection on the right side of my face, according to my x-rays. I got a steroid shot, an antibiotic shot & 10 days of oral steroids and antibiotics. So glad I went to a specialist instead of a doc-in-the-box who would have felt my glands and sent me home with a z-pack.
  •   Jack slept until noon yesterday-- I knew he was obviously sick before I even went into his room. Yep, 102.4 degree temp. Doc says it's likely it's the same virus that Liam has & that if he starts the wheezy breathing or cough to give them a call back (it's possible to just have the same virus that doesn't actually progress to croup).
  • I'm fully recovered from Liam's Birthday party and my etsy shop has re-opened. I may end up putting it on vacation again near Jack's party, but right now I don't feel so overwhelmed that I can't fill an order here and there. I have so many new designs that I've worked on over the past few months. I need to create listings for them all!
  • Speaking of Jack's party, I'm finishing up his invites now & hope to put together a post in the next week or so outlining my ideas! It will be less complicated than Liam's party (pizza & a dessert table), but I still hope to pull off some nice personalized touches. Can't believe my little man will be ONE in 5 weeks!!!
  • And last, Rob and I are celebrating 4 years of marriage today-- I use the word celebrate loosely,  seeing as we have two sick babies & all I want to do is lay around on the couch and moan about how awful I feel, but we have plans for a fancy dinner out as soon as we're all back among the living. 

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