Monday, January 11, 2010

Beta #1

I headed to Dr. RE's office this morning for my first round of blood work-- it was such a fun appointment as I got to surprise her with the news. We went ahead and did my first Beta and...


I'll go back on Wednesday for my second round to see how things are progressing. Fingers crossed that it's somewhere around 1,700.

I had my thyroid levels checked too, and unfortunately they're still elevated (3.5, almost the same as they were 6 weeks ago). My medication needs to be increased and we need to keep a close watch on it, as Baby Blakely will be using my thyroid until he/she develops one. Typically, doses of Synthroid have to be increased during pregnancy. They'll monitor this several times each trimester.

No ultrasound today, but we are scheduled for January 25th at 9:30 to see the little one! The next two weeks will go by so slow...


  1. Wonderful, Stef. I'm hoping for everything good for you.

  2. Awesome number! Congratulations, again!

  3. YAY for happy betas!!! Great number. You can do it... try to hang in there and NOT stress. Relax, enjoy, and stay busy.

  4. Amazing number! Congratulations a thousand times!! You must be so excited :)

  5. Awesome first Beta, Stef! Great number! Try not to stress and enjoy every moment.

  6. Hey girl, can't remember if I commented on this wonderful news or not! If not, CONGRATS! So exciting! Looking forward to following you throughout this journey.

    P.S. - I made my blog private, but would love for you to follow me throughout my journey as well. I need your e-mail to send the invite. Hope to hear from you soon!