Monday, September 13, 2010

Doctor's Appointment: 40 Weeks (!)

We had our 40 week appointment today. My due date is tomorrow!! Here are the stats from Baby Watch 2010: Week 40:

Weight: Same as last week. (2 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight)

BP: Normal

Cervix: Still 1 cm dialated & now 75% effaced. Cervix is soft (ripened)

Baby's Position: Finally confirmed that baby is head down. WAHOO!

Overall Progress: Still looking fine. The doctor said (again) that she can tell that my cervix has been contracting by the way it feels. Slowly but surely making progress. Baby steps...

So, the big news is that we've scheduled our induction for next Tuesday, September 21st, when I'm exactly 41 weeks-- this gives us the most time to allow him to come on his own, which is certainly possible in the next week. Until then, we continue to wait...


  1. I can't wait to get the baby announcement!!!! any day now!

  2. Ah! So exciting! I can't wait to welcome my first blog friend's baby!

  3. First, I simply have to thank you for the sweet comment you left recently on my blog. I just freakin adore you! Also, I'm grateful beyond words for your support. Second, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE 40 WEEKS! Omg, where does the time go? So exciting to think that little Liam will be here in a week, one way or another. I absolutely cannot wait to see pics of the little guy.

    PS. Is your house restored to living condition after the many projects you two decided to embark on in the last month of your pregnancy?! Ambitious family aren't you???? Also, still waiting on nursery pics! :)

  4. GGOD LUCK!!! and welcome to the 40 week club!!!

  5. WHOOO HOOOOOOO!!! I'm so excited for you!! I cannot wait to "meet" your little bundle of joy. One week at the most - that is sooo exciting!

  6. YAY! Any day now!!!

  7. SOOO excited for you!! Can't wait for the announcement!!