Sunday, September 5, 2010

I've looked forward to this...

...because I'm a dork.

Yes, people.

My milk expires the same day as my pregnancy--
a week from Tuesday.



  1. Lmao! The word "expires" cracks me up. It's like "alright kiddo, it's bad in there now, time to cone out!"

  2. Hehe-- bad for me, not bad for him! I'm SO ready for him to come out.

    I'll be posting his eviction notice on the 14th...

  3. I was the same way when we bought our organic milk! Too funny!

  4. ahhh ha ha, you are a dork like me!
    I was the same way about our wedding date, now this date! So exciting, best of luck to you!

  5. This is Kate, finally!

    That's funny.
    I haven't seen you since the lake, and rumor has it you guys aren't going to be at trivia for awhile, so I wanted to tell you good luck!

    I also think that as soon as you are ready you deserve a night out with LOTS of drinks. I feel bad that you've been watching us for so long not able to join.
    Sending you positive, meeting Liam soon thoughts!!!

  6. Hahah!! You are too cute, and I would totally get excited about that too!! You're SO close!

  7. haha - that's awesome - it's also my dad's birthday :)