Monday, May 16, 2011

Share the Love: A Response

I want to thank everyone who commented on the Share the Love post that I wrote a few days ago about my sister in law's recent loss. The past few days have been very difficult for her, but she's been surrounded by people who love her. Barb read the post (and comments, yay!) tonight and asked me to post this response:

"thank you all so very much --you are more than kind to leave such supportive and loving words...we are doing ok. It is hard - oh, there are no words to describe of course...but my 2 other babies are my saving grace - they make me smile when I'm sad, they will keep me going and I cannot be more thankful for that...Stef & I have some very special memories, incredible stories and amazing connections on so many levels - I love her dearly and this post filled me with incredible humbleness and gratitude.  Thanks to you all - you give me strength to look forward...wish you all the best of everything... "

Thanks again, friends, for being a warm hug in a cold place. You're the best.

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  1. So exciting! B was way modest too and we had to get a 2nd opinion ;o) Cannot wait to hear the final call...even though I guess that could always be wrong.

    So I got a post idea for you. Have you been thinking about the things you will be doing differently with Baby Blakely 2.0?

    I know I always say oh next time I am going to do this, not that. I am sure by the time we get around to having another (if no surprises before the) then I will forget all about them.

    Just thining you will probably remember them. Just curious.