Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School!!

Ok, so it's not really "school"-- it's Mother's Day Out, but it's the first time I've ever left Liam with strangers & the first time he's been around a group of kids his age. My parents watch him on Tues & Thurs while I work, and his babysitters have all been family members. So, needless to say, I was very nervous about leaving him this morning.

He did great!! 

He couldn't have cared less when I left, his teacher said that the only time he cried was when another baby got really upset and he had a HUGE smile on his face when he saw me at the door to pick him up! His teacher seemed very capable and personable, and raved about how cute/sweet/easy he was today. His "report card" looked great.

How did I spend my time? I went grocery shopping, leisurely strolling the aisles and sipping some coffee. I came home and put everything away without a baby crawling under my feet. I took a shower. I caught up on some emails. I did a bit of cleaning, and before I knew it, it was time to go pick him up!

This time is such a blessing for me-- some peace before Jack arrives. Not only does it give me extra time to get things done around the house, but it also gives me time to not do anything. This pregnancy has been a bit tougher than it was with Liam-- I'm not eating often enough or well enough, I'm not getting enough rest, I'm in a lot of pain because of the pressure on my sciatic nerve and I'm running around chasing an 11 month old while 7 months pregnant. I'm really tired...

As indulgent as it feels to be a SAHM and have someone else caring for Liam for 4 hours two days a week, I look at the other moms picking up their babies (glistening with sweat from the gym, with freshly manicured nails) and know that they don't feel any guilt, so why should I? There will be very little free time to be had once November rolls around. These few months will, hopefully, help me recharge my batteries so that I'm rested & ready to face our new challenges.

This school has a special place in my heart-- my late grandmother taught here for many years and I have so many memories of going to work with her in the summer to "help" with the babies. I loved it. One of the ladies who taught with her is still there and when I saw her today she gave Liam a hug "from his grandma Phyllis." Two of my aunts have worked at the school and several of my cousins have attended. Currently, my cousin Memo is teaching there and her daughter Millie is in the classroom next to Liam's!

Right before we went in:


New Friends:

A bribe gift I made for his teachers:

What a great day & big milestone!