Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Whatever I Want Wednesday

It's not Wordless Wednesday, it's not So What Wednesday... It's Whatever I Want Wednesday!

I'm working on a few "real" posts, but I had some random updates that I wanted to post until then...and since I'm feeling a little guilty that that 75% of my posts for the last month have been Wordless Wednesdays, I decided to just throw some random tidbits out there.


First, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post regarding circumcision. I was so pleased that there was a respectful discussion and that people who are on both sides of the debate felt free to express their thoughts and opinions. I've seen some posts on the same subject turn quite nasty and while I didn't expect any of my readers to respond that way, I knew that it could happen. So thank you for participating and as Trinity said, "If you educate yourself and follow your parenting intuition, you can't go wrong." Hear, hear!


In other news, Liam is awesome. (Hehe!) We had kind of a rough day today which is really out of character for him-- he woke up very early, only napped for 30 minutes this morning, was incredibly cranky throughout the day, took less than an hour nap and by the time Rob got home from work, we were both kind of a wreck. Rob and I popped him in the stroller (We are totally crazy about our Baby Jogger City Mini Double), took off for a walk and all was right with the world again...for a little while. Check out that smile:

He looks so grown up! When did that happen?!


 This morning, I pulled out a loaf of Banana Nut Sour Cream Coffee Cake from out freezer for breakfast:

This is a loaf that I baked around this time Aug/Sept of last year as I prepared for Liam's arrival-- and it was still delicious! It got me thinking about the need to build a freezer stash of meals before Jack arrives. Before Liam was born, I had 6 casseroles, 2 containers of fresh green beans, 10 containers of soup/chili and 3 loaves of banana bread in the freezer-- I feel like I should have more this time. (I'll definitely make these again, but if anyone has any great freezer recipes to share, please do!)

Liam starts Mother's Day Out on August 30th (Wed & Fri from 10am-2pm), so I'm hoping that this will free up some time to start my cooking/freezing, among other things. And honestly, I'm looking forward to some extra down time as I enter the final months of this pregnancy. Chasing after a 10 month old while 6 months pregnant has been tough and I can only imagine it will get tougher as I near the end of Oct/beginning of Nov.  


The former dining room, now playroom is coming together! The 4 sets of foam pads we ordered will be here tomorrow, creating a completely covered floor. Also, I mentioned to my parents that we needed some toy storage for that room and they bought this for the boys for Christmas! It will be perfect for storing all of those random toys that are all over the floor right now & I love that there is no lid to pinch little fingers.
By the way, these are Badger Basket storage bins that were featured on Zulily this week. I found out the hard way that you should always do a little internet searching before ordering a product from Zulily. They had these at 50% off the price that the company's website had them listed for, so even with the shipping (and a surcharge) I thought we were getting a good deal. Then, I googled them this morning and found out that Walmart actually carries them (exact same brand, exact same product) and will ship them (Site to Store) for free! I canceled the Zulily order and saved $30 by ordering them from Walmart.


And finally, I'm 6 months pregnant. (24w2d today) We've passed the viability milestone and are so thankful that everything continues to go smoothly. I had a doctor's appointment last Friday and baby measured right on track-- Although, I'm starting to wonder how big this baby is going to be, considering how big I already am at 24 weeks. See for yourself:

Here is a link to my 24 week pic with Liam-- definitely smaller. Although, looking back through the pics, I really made the largest jump in size between weeks 20-25. I got gradually bigger every week after that, but still had people comment that I never got REALLY big. It really doesn't matter as long as he's healthy. Blood pressure was a bit high (not high enough to treat) and weight was only up 1 pound from pre-pregnancy and that may have just been b/c I stuffed my face at a local bagel shop right before the appointment! Glucose test is scheduled for the 19th.

Ok, that's all I've got for now!!


  1. Hey Stef! You look great! And I can't believe how grown up Liam looks too! So cute! I was wondering what program you used to make tour abc book? Shutterfly? I totally want to copy your idea! You can let me know via comment on my blog (I never check my blog email!) have a great day!

  2. Thanks again for he circumcision post-- I appreciated all the comments, too. And I;d been planning a vaccine post, but you helped inspire the confidence to actually write it! :) You look great, such a cute bump!

  3. I just tidied up my blogroll and not only added you but put you in both my mom and pregnancy lists. I have to admit, I felt a tinge of jealousy.

    You look fabulous by the way. And actually, now I don't see that big of a difference from your bump now and with Liam at the same time. But maybe it is just the pictures.

    That City Mini Double looks great! City Minis are great strollers. I hope you enjoy yours a lot.

    Glad to see the house is coming along and that you're finding things at decent prices. That always helps!

    Good luck with these next couple of months!