Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Update

First, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post!! Each comment offered me some much needed support, and more importantly, perspective. I know in my heart that everything is going to work out and that we will become a very happy family of four-- it's just tough facing the unexpected unknown. I can't wait until November when I'll probably look back at these feelings with disbelief because Jack makes our family so complete. Until then, I am so thankful to have such a wonderful support system.

Posts like the one I posted on Friday have really left me wanting a better way to reply to people's comments. I hate that I write a post, someone leaves some words of support or contributes to a discussion, and I don't have a good way to respond to them directly.  It's one of the few things about Blogger that drives me crazy (other than it's frequent crashes lately!). I started looking into it and I found a widget I could install which adds this feature to Blogger! I installed it this morning, so starting with this post, I should be able to directly reply to a comment once it's posted. Can't wait to try it out!

We had a great weekend and I wanted to share some pics! 

Friday was a big day for our family-- my big brother proposed to his girlfriend!! My mom and I were heavily involved in the ring part (he sent us a pic of what we wanted and we went to diamond broker to pick a loose diamond and have the setting made) but the proposal was all his own. He decided to take her to Rock City in Chattanooga (they live in Nashville).

The happy couple:

 Where he popped the question:

The ring!

I couldn't be happier for them and truly believe that my brother has met his perfect match. The wedding will be next May and we're so excited!

Back in Bama, our weekend wasn't quite so monumental, but we had a good time. Saturday morning, we got up and headed down to the Peanut Depot-- this great little place on a cobblestone street downtown that has been using antique roasters to roast peanuts for over 100 years. Usually, if we head down around 10am, we can catch them fresh and hot, coming out of the roaster! We grab a Coke, sit on the curb and throw shells into the street as we eat hot peanuts. It's kind of a tradition in my family-- my granddad and dad used to bring me here when I was little and my dad can't wait to take Liam when he's old enough. Liam, obviously, could not have any, but we snapped some pics anyway before we headed down to the Farmer's Market.


Today, Liam and I spent the afternoon at the pool-- one of our favorite places. He's such a water baby! (Apparently I was, too. My mom tells me that I was jumping off the edge into the 6ft. deep pool at 18 months old.)

My parents came over and my mom and Liam swam together while my dad took pics:

My cousin Memo and her husband Craig brought baby Millie (now 11 weeks old!) to swim for the first time:

And this picture just kills me...When did he grow up?!

Hope your weekend was great, too!