Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm still alive! I promise!

Ugh. It's been forever since my last post and even longer since I've had a post with any real thought behind it...and for that, I'm sorry. The truth is, I'm busy and tired and have had quite a few projects going on that have taken up my free time (Liam's naptime). 

Between now and the end of Oct, I have three baby showers to plan, decorate and execute, Liam's first birthday party to finish up, and a baby's arrival to prepare for. Needless to say, I'm a little overwhelmed. Not in a bad way... just in a "don't have time to blog, still reading everyone's posts but am horrible at commenting on them" kind of way. I'm happy, making things for people and stretching my creative muscles which always makes me feel good, but I don't want to get out of the habit of posting on a regular basis, as I enjoy that too!

Some recaps-- Liam turned 11 months on Sunday. Did you have a chance to read his very late 10 month post? Oh, wait.... No, you didn't because I still haven't posted it. Sigh. It's coming and his 11 month post will be later this month. Can I just say that while I enjoy writing his letters and documenting what he's done, I hate doing the monthly pics and I'm glad that we'll be done next month. They were so easy at first-- now he won't sit still, won't stay posed, eats the monkey, his monthly sticker, etc. They're frustrating for both of us at this point! From the first birthday on, there will still be plenty of pics, but they will be candid shots. Thank God.

Monday, I entered the 3rd Trimester at 27 weeks. I'm pretty much in denial that there's a baby coming in 13ish weeks until after Liam's first birthday party... and even then, October is full of other parties to be planned (2 baby showers and a Halloween party) and projects to be done. I keep reminding myself that we have almost everything we need, but there are plenty of newborn essentials that we need to stock up on (ummm, diapers?) and clothes that must be washed. Yeah, I'll get to it...

I'm feeling good overall, but I've felt pretty worn down over the past week or so. I'm trying to get a little more rest and take it easy when I'm not chasing Liam around. My sciatic nerve pain has been really bad this pregnancy and when it hits, I can barely walk. The doctor said that it's because a 2nd baby sits much lower than the first and recommended that I try a pregnancy support belt to take some of the pressure off of the nerve. If that doesn't work, I'll be heading to physical therapy. These are small (but painful!) complaints and I'm happy to say that everything is progressing normally. I had my glucose test last week & I'll assume that no news is good news until my next appointment in three weeks.

For now, I'm pushing all of these things aside, because we're on vacation. We're down at the gulf in a fantastic beach house with my family. I am loving this time away, watching Liam exploring the beach for the first time, taking him into the ocean and swimming in the pool. We'll be here all week & I can't wait for my brother and his fiancee to join us tomorrow-- we're having a great time.

I'm sure there will be a post full of pictures from our trip (Wordless Wed is all I've managed to do on a regular basis lately!) but here are a few from our first two days here.

Ok, friends. I promise I'll try to be better... just not this week. :)