Monday, September 21, 2009


I got my progesterone prescription filled tonight but have hesitated a little when it came time to take it... I keep looking at my chart and wondering if the slight temp rise the past few days means anything. I want it to mean something...but I'm sure it doesn't. I've been so ready to take this medicine to move on to the next cycle...I don't know why I'm pausing now. I guess that even when I'm convinced it's over, somewhere in the back of my mind, I still hoped that I was finally ovulating and that we still had a chance this cycle.

It's time to accept that we're out and that taking this medicine is what will help us move forward. (Seems a bit counter-intuitive...trying to force your body to get your period while you've been hoping to get pregnant.) I hope that it comes quickly, but I guess it really doesn't matter-- at this point, we've already passed the deadline for getting the bloodwork done before my appointment. Nothing can really change between now and then-- I hope I can just settle back for a few weeks, try to relax and look forward to getting to talk to the doctor soon.

Bottoms up.

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