Monday, June 6, 2011

16 weeks


How is it possible that I'm already 4 months pregnant? The time feels like it's just flying by. With Liam, I was focused on every little moment of my pregnancy, to the point of obsession. It's so different this time. Between Liam & family & work, I have days that I forget that I'm pregnant.

I'm feeling good. Morning sickness has passed and I'm thrilled to be able to toss the Zofran. I'm tired, but not as tired as I was during my first pregnancy. My belly is growing, but thankfully I'm haven't gained any weight. (I'm very hopeful that my weight gain will be minimal, like it was with Liam.)

Last week, I started feeling flutters! I didn't feel them until much later with Liam because I had an anterior placenta. This time, that little fishy swimming feeling was undeniable. It's awesome and I can't wait until it becomes more regular and evolves into stronger kicks that Rob can feel.

Several weeks ago, my blood pressure was slightly elevated. (I think it was just nerves from having the NT Scan.) I was having terrible migraines & had to go into the office to get a prescription refill of my painkiller (Fioricet). Well, they took my blood pressure mid-migraine and, of course, it was sky high, so the doctor prescribed me blood pressure meds. I went to have them filled, but have had a difficult time finding a pharmacy that had them in stock-- in the meantime, when I've checked my blood pressure at home, it's been fine. So, I've decided to delay the meds, keep monitoring it and talk to the doc about it when I go back.

We have our anatomy scan two weeks from today! So excited to (hopefully) confirm the sex of the baby! I'm still feeling like it's a girl, but I have a 50% chance of being wrong. I'll definitely be surprised if I find out it's another boy, but either way it will be great to know. Hopefully baby is less modest than s/he was last time.

When the new baby arrives, s/he will be in the nursery, so we're working on a new room for Liam. We're moving into a new bedroom (and will finally get back to our redecorating plans) and Liam will move into our current room. (Since we live in an old house, there is no Master bedroom-- the rooms are the exact same size.) I'm excited to share the plans for his new room-- I'll post about it soon!


  1. Wow! You look amazing! I wasn't that big until 24 weeks! It's so exciting that you're pregnant again. It makes me want to start TTC right away. But I know we need to wait for a while... Good luck at the anatomy scan! Our daughter never let them know for sure she was a girl, not until she came into the world.

  2. You are looking great Steph! I'm only 2 weeks ahead of you with my first, and I have had the BP issue, really does just seem to be nerves at each appt because once I hear the heartbeat, my BP seems back to normal. I just has my scan this morning and it's a BOY! Thankfully he showed us the goods right away, and there was no question about what we were seeing. :) I can't wait to start feeling movement - nothing yet, even though he was moving all around during the U/S.

  3. WOW that flew by for sure! You look great! Glad everything is going well!!

  4. You look amazing! So happy that you are feeling better. Nausea is no joke. Cannot wait for you to find out the gender. I too am thinking girl :)

  5. You look fantastic!! What a cute bump. I miss the movement from the inside baby - it's the most wonderful feeling. I hear the second pregnancy flies by so keep grabbing those bump pictures!