Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

We've had a busy week & an even busier weekend! Our trip to Nashville was great and we all survived the three hour car ride thanks to the help of a borrowed dvd player. Baby Einstein was a life saver!

This was the first time Liam has stayed in a hotel, and he did great-- naptimes were a bit of a challenge, but he did great at night and didn't give us any trouble at bedtime. We hit a huge milestone, too-- on the carpeted floor of our Hyatt Place hotel suite, Liam crawled for the first time & we caught it on video:

By yesterday, he was already zooming across the room. (Translation: We're in deep trouble & we need to babyproof our death trap of a house.) More videos to come.
Liam's saying Dada constantly now & Rob melts when he does:

We had a terrific dinner at Amerigo's in Nashville last night-- one of our old favorites from when we lived there. Liam was very well behaved, despite the fact that we kept him up more than three hours past his bedtime. We were all pretty wiped out by this morning, so after a quick breakfast, we decided to get on the road to head home. We had planned to grill out at my parents house tonight, but decided to postpone it until tomorrow, when we're all rested and we hopefully have news of a heathy baby to celebrate as well. (Our anatomy scan is at 10am tomorrow.)

Although I wish that we could have spent more time doing something special with Rob today instead of spending most of our afternoon in the car driving home, we were all together and that's what matters. He's taking some much deserved time off from Daddy Duty tonight and lounging on the couch-- he was such a huge help this weekend. I plan on going to bed when Liam does tonight.

Today, I feel extremely lucky for the two dads in my life.

I feel lucky that Liam made Rob a father & grateful that he's so good to our little boy:

{on the train at the zoo}

& lucky that my own dad is so involved in our lives and loves me (& Liam!) more than words can say.

{my wedding}

{the night Liam was born}

Happy Father's Day! I love you both, so much! 


  1. Oh my goodness, those videos are absolutely precious! I love the dadadadad- sooo sweet. What a precious little boy. Saying prayers for the anatomy scan tomorrow. Glad you guys had a good trip to Nashville!

  2. What a big boy he's becoming!!! Absolutely PRECIOUS videos. And yay for crawling!

    Now... beware. Of everything. :)