Thursday, June 23, 2011

Name Our Baby

The great name debate has begun.

We had a girl name picked out, but now we're on the hunt for the perfect boy name and we need some help. We have a name in mind, but haven't settled on anything yet and would like some new ideas to consider. (We're partial to traditional, preppy sounding names.)

It has to go with Blakely (obviously) and it needs to compliment Liam.

Ok, GO!


  1. my friend has a lucy, luke, and liam. but they are her cats. LOL. however, lucy is classy and timeless!! i like lindsay too.

  2. Lol, Do you think our son would be mad at us if we named him Lucy? I do like it for girl though & it earns bonus points for being a family name! :)

  3. Well, Colin and James were our names if we had boy twins. I think both would sound great with Liam. :)

  4. WE just named our son William Charles. I also like Harrison as William is probably too similar to Liam.

  5. Ethan could work. So could Bradley. They both are classic sounding without being very old fashioned sounding.

  6. Boys' names are HARD!

    How about: Armand, Jack, Elijah, Ian (maybe too close to Liam!), Leif, Jeffrey...

    I can't wait to find out what you pick!

  7. I'm partial to Edward, nn Teddy, which I think goes nicely w/ Liam.

    I can give you lots more suggestions, also, since I have access to some special naming programs via my freelance job. E-mail me!

  8. @Sarah-- Liam's name is actually William. It's a family name and we have all the other variations of nicknames: Will, Bill, Billy, etc, so we decided to go with Liam.

    These are all great suggestions-- one of you even mentioned one of the names we're tossing around. :)

  9. I like Andrew, with him going by Drew (to keep the second syllable nickname tradition going). Also a family name...too close?

  10. @Ela-- we've tossed it back and forth. No issue with the name Andrew, but not sure how I feel about the nickname Drew. It's not out of the running, though.

    For those who don't know, my dad's name is Andrew & he goes by Andy.

  11. Ohhhh, this is tough. I think boys names are harder to come up with than girls names. I have no actual name suggestions, but I DO have a suggestion for a book that might help. It's called "A is for Atticus" and it gives baby name suggestions from great literary works. Lots of absolutely adorable (and preppy!) names to chose from. It's how we picked the name of our future baby. :)

  12. Ah, I love names so much. My favorite boy name is Thomas, but my husband doesn't like it. If you want to stick to "L"- I think Logan is cute. I also like Grant, Ethan, Carson, Connor, and Sam. If we have another boy, his name will probably be Reid. Can't wait to hear the final decision!

  13. Benji Blakely would be adorable

  14. I have a Liam who is now 22 months old and if we ever have another boy we want to call him Leif. LOVEIT.

  15. I tried convincing Curtis to name our first born Blake Lee Blakely (and if it was a girl Blake Leigh Blakely). For some reason, he didn't like it. Maybe you can give it a shot :P

    When we were pregnant with Walter, our other name was Roman. But as soon as we saw our little Walnut, we knew he was a Walt.

    Good luck with the name choosing process and have fun!

  16. My alltime favorite boy name is Ben. Not necessarily Benjamin (I get annoyed when people say BenJERmin), but I think Ben is so classic and sweet. Ben Blackely, so cute. I'm kind of bummed that I can't use it because, well...Ben and Wren...not so much!

    Other names I love (and I'm leaving our OUR boy name!)..Griffin, Lincoln, Connor, Finn, Nathan.

    Can't wait to hear what you choose!

  17. omg steph i'm so sorry i forgot you were having a boy!!!!!!!! you and my friend both have identical stories and she's having a girl and i just sort of mixed you two up in my mind [cringing in embarrasment]. so you could go with luke. LOL.

  18. Ok, I've been wanting to comment for the past two days but my darned computer at work won't let me comment on your blog.


    Because I adore you... I am going to share with you my current fav boy name (and the name we will use if we are blessed with a brother for Ryan some day).


    Sam. Sammy.

    Liam and Sam. Liam and Sammy.

    I dig it. ;)

  19. Love soliciting the internet for this! What a fun game.

    Our runner up name for Owen was Ethan. Or Emmett. Love both of those. But Ethan is super duper popular and Emmett shortens to "Emmy", which I find strange.

    I love the name James. That's Owen's middle name. But then I don't love it when it shortens to Jamie.

    So much to consider.