Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Pics of Liam and his Marmi (my mom) playing while Mommy got a massage yesterday:

*Just in case it's not clear in these pics, the car is in park!*

Speaking of cars, we just transitioned Liam from his infant carrier into his (still rear facing!) Britax Marathon. He looks so comfy and I'm thrilled not to have to lug him around in the carrier-- it was getting SO HEAVY!

I thought that after yesterday's post, a light hearted post with cute pictures was in order for today. Thank you so much for your support, ladies. The comments I got, the emails I received and the tweets that were sent my direction were so comforting. As I was telling Slopie, it's so nice to hear someone say that they understand your worry, then reassure you that it's likely you have nothing to worry about. I always know that I can count on you guys to make me feel better.

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