Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The "Other" Party

As excited as I am about Liam's 1st birthday party, there are some people who I can guarantee aren't as pumped: Our childless friends.

Sure, goldfish and swimming and plastic buckets are awesome for kids, but I'm quite certain some of the closest members of our gang would rather take a rain check.

So, we'll be having Liam's 1st Birthday Party: The Sequel on the weekend after his birthday with our buddies.

Here's the invite for that party:

(click to enlarge)

This one will be extremely low key-- and I mean that. No decorations, no smash cake, no fuss. I can't make any promises that there won't be any party favors, though.

(Special thanks to the lovely Kate for pinning this idea to her Pinterest board!)


  1. We determined that Isa's first birthday was really about us so we called it the "We Survived Isa's First Year" Party and while kids were there it was mostly about food and catching up. We had it near an amazing park and people with kids brought them over there for a bit to burn steam and have fun. It worked out rather well. I never thought of doing two separate parties though, that is cool! I also love your invitations by the way. They are very cute.

  2. Love love love.

    Stef, I'm sure you get this all of the time but you could seriously make a career out of your ridiculously awesome creativity! Party consultant/planner? Party biz owner? Etc etc etc!!! xoxo

  3. Thanks, Egg-- You are so sweet. :) I love planning party decor but hate the logistics of major event planning! I've had to organize some large events (like galas) as part of my work (in fnudraising) and it really stressed me out. Now decorating them? That would be a different story.

  4. I am in love with BOTH of your party ideas. And I am desperately trying to find time to go to places like Michaels and iParty to get ideas for Owen's. We're using the same invite, as you know, so now it's down to the details. But mine is coming up quickly!

    As for starting a business, I say let's go into biz together!!! I'll do the logistics and we'll do the decorating together. I'm on the verge of busting out of my current job to do something similar and start my own business. The itch is getting stronger. For realz.

  5. Loooove. Oh I wish we lived near each other- we could get together for crafts and playdates!