Friday, September 30, 2011

Pinterest Challenge #2: Paper Covered Pencils

 While I'm usually against most baby shower games, I found a really cute one where guests had to guess the name of classic children's books based on an alternative title. For example, "Unsightly Aquatic Bird" is "The Ugly Duckling. I printed the game in yellow and gray font on white card stock.

It seems like if a pencil/pen is required to complete a game, hosts are always scrambling for them at showers. So, I decided to include a pencil (tied with twine) to the game cards. But no ordinary pencil would do! I found a tutorial for paper covered pencils on Pinterest. I took scraps of paper left over from my book covers and covered pencils in them!

These were super easy & super cute. I'll definitely make them again, maybe for Liam's teachers at school for some occasion. The possibilities are endless-- you can print a design on a piece of computer paper or use leftover scraps of scrapbooks paper. If you decide to make them, a few tips: Let them dry overnight before you attempt to sharpen them & don't use an electric pencil sharpener. I also figured out that not all cheapie pencil sharpeners are created equal-- I picked up a few at Walmart and they tore the pencils up when I sharpened them. I picked up a different brand at Walgreens and they worked perfectly. Both were 99 cents!