Friday, September 30, 2011

Pinterest Challenge #5: Teacher Appreciation

I had no idea how Liam would react to starting Mother's Day Out twice a week so I decided it was best to make a bribe gift for his new teachers. I've started a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to little things we can make for his teachers to show how much we appreciate them.

This was the first thing I made-- I found the free printable, saved it, used PhotoShop to modify it and presented it to each of his teachers with a $10 Starbucks giftcard. I love how the original uses the corrugated side of the coffee sleeve, but all of the ones I grabbed at Starbucks had information stamped on the inside. I also LOVE the baker's twine on the original (my new obsession), but I didn't have any at the time. (Since then, I've ordered a small sample pack with 5 colors and I made a little pom pom for Liam's birthday hat with it!)

I think mine still turned out ok & I'm happy to say that Liam's doing great at school! His teachers love coffee him!