Friday, September 30, 2011

Pinterest Challenge #6: Party Hat

Oh, did you hear? My baby turned ONE last week. I made lots of stuff for his party!

 His party hat was one of my favorites! I saw lots of really cute personalized hats on Pinterest and Etsy, and this one was so easy to make. I just took a large square of fabric and embroidered the "1" and Liam's name on it, the took a hat template and traced it onto the fabric (leaving a few extra inches along the edge) and cut it out. I sewed the hat into a cone shape, lightly coated my cardstock template in glue, slid it inside the fabric to give it some stability, then folded the ends under and glued them inside the hat. I sewed the pom pom on the top (by hand), then glued elastic on the inside for the chin strap and  ric rac on the outside edge.

I was a little nervous that he wouldn't wear this long enough to even get a pic, but Liam was a champ and I got several cute ones. I'll share them in his bday post. I think this hat is going on his shelf in his room!

Pom Pom: