Monday, November 9, 2009

Game Over.

Dear Dr. Ob/Gyn,

You probably don't remember me, but I'm the girl that you've been seeing a lot of recently-- and your nurses have heard from me far more often that you have. I started seeing you a year and a half ago when we moved here because two family members were patients of yours and recommended you to me. Plus, you work in the hospital where I want to deliver. While I didn't instantly fall in love with you, I felt like you were "nice enough" because, really, how often could you and I possibly spend time together?

Well, as it turns out, we've been spending a lot of time together lately, and to be honest, I've been less than thrilled with the care you've been giving me.

Strike 1: When I came to your office for my "Trouble Trying to Conceive Appointment" no one seemed to have any clue what my appointment was for, or what they should do with me. I was shuffled into three different waiting rooms before taking a seat in your office. After waiting an hour and a half past my appointment time, you only spent 5 minutes with me. You barely glanced at my charts and barely heard a word I said... then just started tossing out words like "Clomid" before you had done a single test.

Strike 2: Your nurse last week informed me that based on my progesterone blood work that I didn't ovulate. True. She then told me that, if I hadn't ovulated by CD21, that I should give up hope for ovulating at all this cycle, because it wouldn't happen. Not true. I'm not quite sure what bullshit medical school she went to, but it's quite possible to ovulate late-- and since progesterone levels peak approximately 7-10 dpo, I could have ovulated CD18, CD19, CD20, etc and still had very low progesterone levels because the test was done too early. (I didn't ovulate any of those days...but she didn't know that.) Speaking with nurses that have always been polite, but don't know what they are talking about does not speak well for you.

Strike 3: While speaking with (another) nurse today, I was asked if I needed a prescription for Prometrium or Provera. (Is it not there in my file?!) When I answered "Prometrium" I was then asked if I'm allergic to peanuts. "No, I'm not, but if I was, would it matter?" The nurse replied, "Yes!! Prometrium has peanut oil in it and you shouldn't take it if you have a peanut allergy." Well, good to know that-- no one bothered to ask me that the last time they prescribed it. What if I had been allergic? Lots of people are! Thank God your little medical mishap didn't kill me.

I'll be asking the RE for her recommendations for a new ob/gyn. Three strikes and you're out. Game over.



  1. Hi there. I just came across your blog today. I have to tell you, I was once in the same boat with my Ob/Gyn. Horrendous. Maybe if they had done what they should have I wouldn't be in this particular situation ... or maybe I would, but not as bad.

    Totally feel for you! I was there once too ... still am, just with different doctors. Ugh!

  2. MIA OB/GYNs suck!! I had the same experience when I went in for my problems TTC appointment, the nurses didn't know what to do with me and it was so awkward. I hope the RE will take much better care of me.

    Hope you find a better OB/GYN!

  3. Ugh, Stef, I'm sorry -- that sounds like one bad thing after another. I think getting a new doctor will help things immensely. Every doctor is different with how they handle things, but you should bee completely comfortable with their treatment and their care! I hope you find someone soon.

  4. I think going to an RE will make a big diff. They are in the biz of GETTING you pregnant, and that's what we all want!!

  5. boo. Hopefully your RE will go better!

  6. I have seen three RE's and an OB GYN so far. Don't quit. A great, trust worthy dependable relationship is a MUST for this process!