Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Have a Feeling...

...that I had a complete meltdown yesterday for no reason.

Yesterday, FF was so sure that I had ovulated.
Today, my fickle friend seems to be second guessing herself.

I'll still have to wait a few days and see what the temps do,
but I'm in a much better place today, regardless of what happens.

In the wise words of The Impatient Optimist:
"Just remember that not getting pregnant in a particular cycle is not a judgment on how hard you worked or how much you wanted it."

I want it. And my RE is going to help me get it.
The Countdown is on: 12 days!!


  1. I feel your pain today, she is such a fickle friend. UGH! I hate freaking out then figuring out it was premature and silly. I feel like a spaz!

    I'm with you, it's time to turn over this madness to my RE. About 14 days til my next appointment unless of course my o date changes again.

    Those are wise words from the impatient optimist, so very true.

  2. FF can never make up its mind. It's so frustrating! I can't wait to hear how your RE appointment goes. Less than two weeks! Hopefully these next 12 days fly by. :)

  3. i love that quote. its very, very true. Now only if I could believe it.