Monday, November 2, 2009

Moving On

I've exclaimed, "We have a plan!" in several previous posts. I've come to realize that our plan is not static-- it will constantly change with each cycle and each doctor's appointment. We have one concrete, unchanging plan: to do what we have to do to get pregnant.

I've been torn the past few weeks... I've felt so unsure about what to do... Where to go from here? What doctor to see? What tests to take? How much money will we have to spend? Do I insist on further action or do I just take the Clomid that my ob/gyn recommended?

After much thought, I decided that I'm not comfortable with the treatment that I've received so far from my ob/gyn. While I'm thrilled that she's moving things along and she's ordered some tests, I haven't felt like she's given me the attention I deserve. She hasn't ordered all of the bloodwork that is involved in a basic "intertility workup." I feel like she's not giving my TSH levels enough consideration. She didn't mention doing an SA for Rob before starting Clomid. As an OB, she's constantly in and out of the office, usually running late, and doesn't take the time to discuss my concerns. I feel like I'm just shuffled through, each time I'm there. Perhaps most importantly, her nurse mentioned that she would be talking to me at my appt in Dec about possibly seeing a fertility specialist. Why wait? It's time to move on.

I want to see an Reproductive Endocrinologist. (RE)

I jumped in with both feet today, starting with a phone call to our insurance company to discuss our options. I made this call once before, a few months ago, and was told that nothing related to "infertility" was covered. That was disheartening, but not surprising. I decided to make a second phone call, now that I have some more specific questions to ask & I'm glad I did:

1) Office visits are covered, just like any other doctor's visit. The only thing that's different is that because an RE is a specialist, the co-pay is $40 instead of $25.

2) While "procedures" aren't covered (IUI, IVF, etc), some tests are. The insurance rep suggested that I get the billing code of all tests ordered to call and find out what the coverage is.

3) Some meds are covered-- Clomid for example, even though it's not a preferred brand drug, will be covered at 60% once I meet my prescription deductible (I'm about 1/3 of the way there for the year now).

4) A referral from an ob/gyn isn't needed. (Even though my ob/gyn mentioned she might be referring me anyway, I felt a little awkward about calling her, asking her to refer me to another doctor before she was ready to.)

So, I called Alabama Fertility Specialists today and made an appointment for November 30th. While I wish I didn't have to wait a month, the appointment is actually one day before my ob/gyn appt. is scheduled (which I'll probably still need to go to for my yearly exam). I'm so excited to meet my new doctor-- the receptionist assured me that I would absolulely love her and that she had a terrific bedside manner. In fact, there was another doctor in the same practice that had an appointment on the 18th, but she encouraged me to hold out for this doctor.

So I'll keep on charting, go in for my progesterone blood work, fill out our paperwork when it comes and countdown the days until our appointment. I feel very positive and hopeful about where this might lead us!


  1. I am so excited that you are going to be getting some real answers. Going to the RE is huge! I mean if there is something medical keeping you two from making a baby, she will find it and fix it. This is awesome news! I'm so weird, I'm giddy for you. haha
    here's to hoping you get KTFU asap!

  2. That is fabulous new. An FYI: My ob/gyn referred me to an RE once my TSH came back high (the panel test later showed normal results, just like yours). She basically didn't feel she had the expertise to continue working with me. At the time, I was a little wigged out about going to an IF clinic, but in retrospect, it got me down a path. I'm so excited for you!

    PS Sounds like our insurance situation is exactly the same. I'm paying for some tests out of pocket (like the SA for my hubs, I opted out of the HCG) and just taking it step by step. My prescriptions haven't been expensive.

  3. Stef, this is wonderful! I'm so glad you're going to see someone with expertise in dealing with your situation. She'll be able to diagnose you much more accurately, and then you can get started on another "plan."

    She sounds great. I can't wait to hear your report after the first appointment.