Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Maybe, Maybe Not...

Temps were up again this morning-- FF thinks I ovulated & I'm starting to agree.

Still a bit hard to tell, though... We're having a hard time getting a comfortable temperature in our house & last night it was unbelievably hot in here (we seem to be either freezing or sweltering!). Could be the cause of the high temps the past few days. Temps were normal while we were at my parents house for the holidays, but have been high every morning we've been back home. So maybe it's the temps in the house?


Maybe I actually ovulated on Saturday.

Doesn't really matter, don't really care. Even if I did ovulate, our timing couldn't have been worse so there's practically zero chance I'm pregnant this cycle.

Here's the positive part-- If I did ovulate, it was on CD28. Dr. RE prefers that I ovulate no later than CD21 so that my eggs and lining are optimal, so I still need to be ovulating a little earlier, BUT CD28 is a HUGE improvement over my past few cycles which have been between CD40-45. It makes me hopeful that 100mg of Clomid might be enough to push me into an acceptable range. I'm just ready to move on to the next cycle & try again!


  1. What a positive sign! And you never know, it could still work this cycle. You're within the 5 day range.

    Yay, fingers crossed for you!

  2. Fingers crossed. I hope you did ovulate--if so, that is a definite improvement. Maybe next cycle you will ovulate even sooner. Your RE will get those ovaries trained right! :)

  3. That's great news - hopefully those dashed lines turn to solid. So how long were your past cycles? My last cycle was 42 days - I was a solid 28 until then and it looks like this cycle will be another 42 days. I'm thinking I may need to talk to my doctor if that is what's going on.

  4. My first 4 cycles TTC were 33 days, 40 days, 34 days and 31 days. A little long, but not too bad. Cycles 5 & 6 were 58 (took progesterone to bring on AF) & 54 days. Cycle 7 looks like it will be around 43 days, if I ovulated when FF says I did.

    I'm so ready to have a "short" cycle-- not only do you not have to worry for weeks and weeks about when you'll ovulate (we had pretty much given up this cycle) but you also have so many more chances in a year to get pregnant!

  5. It sure does look like you did. I hope your BDing a couple days before the spike was enough!!! And you're right: Should it come to it, with 100mg you'll hopefully have just the right nudge to ovulate even earlier. And another bonus, if this cycle isn't the one, at least you know you'll get AF without that darn Provera. :)

  6. Your chart is looking like you O'ed! Yippee. There is still a chance this cycle could work Stef!!!