Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Negative & A Few Positives

Today was the first day of Operation "See if Clomid Worked." It's CD10 and the first of seven days that I've been instructed to use an OPK between 11am-2pm. I've been preparing for this and I even treated myself to a new little Vera Bradley bag for all of my "supplies":

Inside, there is one Clearblue Easy Digital OPK, ten test sticks and 10 disposable cups. The little bag is cheerful yet discreet enough for me to carry stuff back and forth to the bathroom at work. I think I knew what to expect today, but as I watched the test symbol flashing and waited for the results, I got a surge of excitement-- what if it's positive?

Well, it wasn't. I'm not disappointed-- there are six more days before we determine if 50mg of Clomid was enough to give my eggs the push they need. I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't be... but you never know!! I'm not feeling stressed about it and I'm trying to treat this cycle as if it will be a great success!

Speaking of great successes, I have taken my love affair with craigslist to a whole new level... In a previous post, I mentioned my obsession with the Peg Perego Green Bubbles pattern and how disappointed I was that it was discontinued... Well, I've been scouring craigslist (& ebay) for some time and I ran across an amazing deal-- The car seat and the stroller for $300. The stroller was not the PlikoP3 that I mentioned before (which I still may eventually get as a lightweight travel stroller)-- it was the Skate!!! I called the guy (it was listed in NY) and asked if he'd consider shipping it to me if I paid through Paypal. He agreed, we made arrangements and it showed up on my doorstep on Saturday night. I spent most of the day Sunday taking everything apart, hand washing the fabric, line drying it, then putting it back together. Now I can't stop admiring it.

It's a little silly buying things for the phantom baby, I know, but I'm so in love with it-- and we WILL need it eventually. I'm not superstitious and seeing it does not make me depressed about our infertility-- rather, it reminds me that our day is coming. We already have some furniture for the nursery and I'll continue to gather things as we find them-- by the time we get our BFP, we'll be well on the way to having everything we need.

So tomorrow, I'll take another test and continue to hope,

...that there will be a BFP underneath this tree!


  1. Good luck! I'm so glad that your current treatment is so similar to mine. It will be great to be able to reflect on your posts when I'm going through the same stages in a week or two.


  2. Great idea with the Vera bag. Very discreet and fashionable. Fingers crossed for positive OPK!!
    THAT STROLLER IS THE CUTEST!! I just stared and "awwww'ed" at it! Great steal of a deal!

  3. That stroller is SO cute! I absolutely love it. :) I hope you get that + OPK soon!

  4. 50mg works for lots of people!! Good luck on the + OPK!

  5. That stroller is adorable. Good luck with the clomid - I hope ovulation comes soon!

  6. That stroller is ADORABLE! But you are a stronger woman than I. Just looking at it makes me feel like crying :(

  7. No way. I've experienced longing but not loss... you've survived with your sense of humor and marriage intact. You win.

  8. I am officially in love with your stroller. J-E-A-L-O-U-S :) Great find!

    Don't be discouraged if 50mg doesn't work. Once you find that magic concoction, you'll be dat and happy in no time. In the meantime, keep hoping that it will be positive (that good mojo totally helps). And enjoy the holidays regardless!